Introduction: DIY Folding Table

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I built this laundry table to hide the sock-eating gap behind our washer and dryer. And to give us a good spot to drop our keys and mail when we walk in. BUT it turned out to be a great place to fold and added a ton of style to the room.

Watch the video to get a better look at this build.

Step 1: The Ugly Gap Before Picture

The dryer vent created about a 10" gap behind our machines. It was a total eye sore and stuff was constantly falling back there.

Step 2: Build the Frame

I used Kreg Jig Pocket Holes to assemble this easy frame. I like to set the rails 1/4" back from legs to add a bit of interest to the design.

You can see the full build and download the free plans on my site.

Step 3: Make the Plywood Top

I used Maple Plywood for the top. Applying edge banding to the plywood edges is a quick and easy job with an iron. The banding just needs a little trim with a utility knife or the edge band trimmer to make it flush with the table top. Then a light sanding will blend it into the wood perfectly.

Step 4: Apply the Finish

I used 2 coats of Watco's Danish Oil in Medium Walnut on the table top. Then 2 coats of Matte Polycrylic to give the finish more depth and a bit of sheen.

The frame was painted with Magnolia Homes by Kilz paint in Spontaneous. That also got 2 coats of Matte Polycrylic.

Step 5: The Finished Table

This table slides right over our washer and dryer. It adds so much functionality and style to this room. Plus, a little stained wood makes any room look better. ;)

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Get the full tutorial steps and download the free plans here.