Introduction: DIY License Plate Calendar

Hello Today I will be showing you how to create this license plate calendar. It is a super simple and easy project I would recommend if you have some extra license plates and a half a hour. Lets get right in to it.


You will need:

License plates for the dates you are doing

x1 21 inch piece of a pine 1x2

x10 1.5 inch small head nails

x1 punch ( for making holes in the numbers)

x1 hammer

x1 rag

x1 any color spray paint

x1 saw

x1 tin snips

x1 black sharpie

Please watch the video I have attached bellow(:

Step 1: Step 1: Marking and Cutting

First off you want to find a tape measure or a ruler and take the digit on the license plate that you want to cut out and measure a 1.5 inches and center it on the digit. Then make you strait lines with a strait edge and make your lines a fine point sharpie is recommended. Then take you tin snips and snip on the lines and then wipe of the left over sharpie and make sure there are no sharp edges if any sharp edges take a piece of sand paper and lightly rough them up, then get your piece of wood prepared for the next step.

Step 2: Step 2: Cuting and Painting

In this step you want to cut a piece of a 1x2 in to a 21 inch sections so you can nail your license plates to it.Cut it up with your hand saw and be ready with a place to spray paint it. What I did was paint it black let it sit for about 30 seconds and the used my rag to wipe some of the paint off so it would look more rustic. You can do it any way But this made it match the license plates better. Make sure for the next step you have your cut out digits ready along with your punch and you hammer.

Step 3: Step 3: Finishing It Up With a Hammer

Right away take a piece of scrap wood that is pretty soft that can be punched into. Then mark where you want you holes to go I preferred to have in 3/4 of a inch down from the top. Then beat you punch through the license plat into the wood. Once you have all of you holes line the plates up the way you want on you piece of wood and just barley start the nails into the wood and the pull off the plates. Then put the nails into the wood about a half a inch and call it perfect. The final step is to find the prefect place to hang it. It will sit on nails really good or on ledges. You can also use this masterpiece to make other meaningful meanings.

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