Introduction: DIY Lipscrub

Hey guys!

I don't know if it's the sudden seasonal change we've had in the UK or what, but I've been finding that my lip balm hasn't been going on even, therefore effecting the rest of my lip products! I've felt like I was getting a lot of dry patches on my lips and thought it was probably time to give them a scrub, but seeing as I hadn't any on me I decided to make my own!

You will need:

Castor oil

Olive oil (which is in my glass dropper)

Sugar (in my glass pot)

Sea salt

Strawberry food flavouring

Orange food colouring


Container (where you will put the final result)


...Let's start!

Step 1: Add the Solids

First thing I did was to add the sea salt to the glass pot containing the sugar.

I decided to go for both salt and sugar because I wanted a variation in texture, with different levels of exfoliation!

I felt like the smaller sugar granules would get into the tiny crevices of my lips, whilst the larger chunks of salt would slough off the obvious bits of dead skin and be a bit harsher.

I was hoping the sugar would counteract the salt taste (as well as using food flavouring) but unfortunately, the salt was just too salty! Haha!

Remember! If you don't want to have a very salty tasting product you can always use less or opt out completely!

Step 2: Add the Oils

Next, I decided to add the oils!

Now, I mainly did this so I had a sticking ''glue'' kind of agent. The oils also help in adding moisture that the scrub is also stripping away, during exfoliation.

I used castor oil because of it's viscosity and olive oil for it's moisturising properties.

Remember! I'm guesstimating the measurements, so start with a little bit of something and build up, depending on how much you want to make and if the mixture becomes too watery/too thick etc...

Step 3: Add Flavour

This is totally optional!

Again, I chose a strawberry flavour hoping to counteract the salty taste and make it sweeter, but it didn't work too well! If you end up leaving the salt out of your concoction then the sweet taste of sugar should be fine enough!

Maybe the flavours only work in things you're going to cook or bake... So take note that there most likely will be a difference of taste!

Step 4: Add Colour

You can add any colour you like!

I chose orange, which worked wonderfully by accident because the old jam jar I put it in was Apricot! :3

I used some food colouring to make it look a little more pretty!

I didn't find that it altered the colour of my lips, but that may change depending on how much you use of it!

Step 5: Spoon Everything In!

This is the easiest step, but definitely the messiest!

Spoon everything you can into your chosen jar!

I'd suggest to place down some tissue underneath your jar, or work on a surface you don't mind getting messy, because REMEMBER, there is dye in this and it will stain!

Step 6: You Have Your Product!

This is the time to decorate with little bows and stickers, if you'd like to!

I left mine bare because I think it looks cute and organic in it's little jam jar!

Step 7: Before Scrub!

This is before I used the scrub... You may be able to notice some discolouration and tightness due to the dry patches!

Step 8: After Scrub!

You can really see a change straight away!

My lips look softer, less dull and have a rosy tint due to the exfoliation!

They look and feel so much better!

Step 9: Lip Balm

After scrubbing my lips, I needed some lip balm! They weren't too dry because of the oil I included (and water can't take off oil very well) but I still needed a little more hydration and slip!

I used my Vegan and cruelty free lip balm from Holland&Barrett. It's Crazy Rumours in Peppermint Twist!

I really found that my lip balm went on more smoothly and my lips didn't feel dry, tight or uncomfortable after a few uses! I may need to develop the mixture so I can see results more readily!

I hope this helps guys! Let me know if you try it!

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I'd love to see!