Introduction: DIY MTB Manual Machine

About: Maker based in ATL, I love to make new things and learn along the way. I want to share my learning experiences with others so they can be inspired to make the things they want as well.

This week I build something to help me learn how to manual a mountain bike! I've been wanting to learn how to manual for about a year and I thought it's finally time for me to learn....with some help.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Miter Saw:

Drill (Tool Only):


Kreg Jig:


- 2 1/2" Screws

- 3x 2x4x8s

- 1x 2x6x8

Step 2: Measure Your Bike

The first step was to measure the length of the bike to know what size to cut my 2x6 to. My bike is about 6ft long so I thought I'd leave it 8 ft long and use the extra 2 feet to keep it from tipping back.

Step 3: Cut Some 2x4s

I started off by cutting one of my 2x4s into 4 2ft lengths.

Step 4: Mark the Center

Then I marked the center of the 2x6 and the 2x4 pieces.

Step 5: Screw Down Outriggers

I screwed a pair of 2x4s at either end of my 2x6, making sure to line up my center marks.

Step 6: Cut More 2x4s

I then cut 4 more 2ft lengths of 2x4 to make my wheel retention system.

Step 7: Pocket Holes

I then attached those together with pocket holes to make a couple of Ls.

Step 8: Attach Ls to Base

Using my table I lined up the L with the edge of the 2x6 and then screwed them on through the bottom. Then I repeated the same on the other side, making sure the Ls were parallel.

Step 9: Tie the Ls Together

I cut a 5.5" piece of 2x4 and used it to tie together the top of the Ls.

Step 10: Tire Stop Block

I cut a tiny piece of 2x4 to screw in about an inch and a half before the tire to keep it from rolling too far forward.

Step 11: Backplate

You can really use whatever you want to do this, I just used this 5.5" piece of 2x4 to keep the tire from rolling back too far.

Step 12: Cut Even More 2x4s

I measured out a couple of 2.5" lengths of 2x4 to use as additional outriggers to keep the manual machine stable.

Step 13: Screw on the Outriggers

I screwed these on right underneath where the back wheel of the bike goes.

Step 14: You're Done, Now Go Practice!

That's it your manual machine is done, now go practice! Additionally, you could add a strap to the front of it to keep your wheel from going to high, but I chose not to do that.