Introduction: DIY Magnetic Bottle Openers

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This is a pretty simple project to whip up. I've gone the distance and added some wood dying and power carving to the mix, but you could just as easily skip those steps and keep this a simple build.

I'm going to keep the instruction kind of loose as the wood and materials could be adjusted to fit your specific needs and resources.


1 - 1"1X6 Pine Board (approx. 16" in length)

2 - Wall hangers (I used keyhole hanger)

1 - Magnet (I used 1.25" Neodymium Magnets)

1 - Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Step 1: First're Going to Want to Cut Down Your Lumber

I used a 1X6" piece of pine.

I went with 16" pieces, because I knew I was going to carve the ends. I would say 12" - 16" is a pretty good length. But, this can be adjusted to cater to the materials you have on hand.

Step 2: Carve, Burn and Stain

This part you can completely skip or change to fit your needs. I don't have any images prior to dyeing the wood. Please refer to the video for the carving and torching portions.

Dye was applied after carving/burning and before any of the hardware was installed.

I used Folk Art Ultra Dye for this part. My favorite dyes at the moment (currently on clearance at Michaels!)

Step 3: Hardware Installation

1 - I used a 1" Forstner bit to drill out an area for the keyhole hanger. You don't need to drill very deep. I drilled in, checked the depth and kept on like this until the hanger was flush.

2 - I used my Dremel with a plunge base to carve out the screw area in the middle. I traced the larger opening of the keyhole and carved a channel that size the length of the keyhole.

3 - I used a 1 1/2" Forstner bit to drill 1/2" hole centered in the board about a 1/4 of the total length from the bottom.

*results may very depending on the size and strength of your magnet. I used a scrap piece of material to dial this in.

Step 4: Apply Finish

I used Total Boat's Halcyon Clear Varnish to finish these (I love the stuff because it's damn near bulletproof). 3 coats for the front and 2 coats for the back, applied with a foam brush.

Total Boat Halcyon Clear Varnish (Amazon affiliate link):

Step 5: Attach the Bottle Opener

1- I found the center of the material and used a center punch to mark my screw locations.

2 - I used a drill to install the bottle openers using the included hardware.

*The Skull Opener installed basically the same

Step 6: And You're Done...Hang and Use to Liberate Your Favorite Libations!

Bring on the Beer!

Step 7:

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