Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Cauldron

Introduction: Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Cauldron

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Build this Halloween Cauldron with just a few items from your big box store!


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Great Stuff Foam:


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LED lights:

Spider Webs:

Step 1: Gather Materials

First, you'll want to blow up the balloon to fill the cauldron.

Make sure to give yourself enough space around the edges for the foam.

Once you get to your desired size, tie the balloon off.

Place the balloon in the cauldron.

Shake spray foam vigorously (refer to instructions on can for how long).

And begin to layer your foam from the base of the cauldron up.

Step 2: Let the Foam Dry...

Once you've gotten your foam the way you want it, let it dry (see can for instructions on how long).

After it has had time to cure, cut around the foam and pull the foam and balloon out.

POP the balloon.

*Here be prepared for the foam to start to collapse in on itself. You'll need to pull what's remaining of the balloon out in order to let the underside of the foam dry.

Step 3: Line the Interior of the Cauldron With the LED Lights

Make sure to cut a hole in the bottom of the cauldron to feed the cord through.

Use the adhesive backing of the LED lights to attach them inside the cauldron.

Step 4: Add the Spider Webs

Once the foam has cured and the LED lights have been installed reattach the foam to the top of the cauldron.

At this time you might want to add additional foam to cover any voids.

Then my wife decided the cauldron wasn't spooky enough so we added spider webs and spiders.

Step 5: Turn on and ENJOY!

Step 6: Watch the Full Video HERE!

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