Introduction: DIY Material Hanger/organizer With Easy to Find Objects

This is a simple organizer for the classroom!! You can personalize it as you want, and the idea is for the students to simply unclip the plastic bags filled with materials and put it back later.

Step 1: Materials

- wire hook or foldable wire

- Paper clips

- Metal rings (like binder rings) that can open and close

Step 2: Getting the Wire Ready

Grab a wired hook (the one used to hang clothes) and untangle it until you can put it in a line

Step 3: Make a Shape!

Once the hook is untangled, make the wire into any form you want to hang your bags with. I chose the zig zag because I thought it looked fun!

Step 4: Insert the Clip!

Grab a ring and open it. Slide the circle-ish part of the clip and slide it in the ring

Step 5: Put the Rings on the Wire!

Once the paper clips are in the ring, slide the ring into the wire until it is hanging. Repeat these steps as many times as you want (depending on how many plastic bags you want to hang)

Step 6: Hang the Wire!!

You can hang the wire practically anywhere. And once the wire is put, it is really simple to clip and unclip the bags!

Step 7: Connect the Bags!!

Now, that the wire is hanged, you can easily clip and unclip bags with the materials that you want!


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