Introduction: DIY Maui Hook

For this project we had to explore the internet to find inspiration to make a project that we would then make, and put into instructables, I couldn't think of anything that I would want to make, so I started exploring art YouTube Channels, and then I remembered that a YouTuber I like, called "Bobby Duke Arts", made a DIY Maui Hook tutorial, so I decided to do that.

**All credit goes to Bobby Duke Arts, check him out ->

I will go over how to make your own customized Maui Hook, so you can do it yourself.


Any form of 2x wood

Band saw

Belt Sander

Dremmel tool

Sand Paper

Colored primer/ adhesive

Acrylic paint

Paint brush

String/ yarn/ rope

Hot Glue Gun

Printable Hook template

Step 1:

Print the hook template, can be found online or on Bobby Duke Arts tutorial video.

Step 2:

Glue your printed out template onto any 2x wood plank.

Step 3: (optional)

If your plank is too big, use a jigsaw to get rid of some of the extra wood so it can go through the band saw.

Step 4:

Using a band saw carve out the rough shape of the hook, so it can be sanded down later.

Step 5: Sanding

Using a belt sander, sand of the pattern glued on the wood, and also begin to shape the hook.

Step 6: Sanding Pt. 2

Using a Dremel tool and sand paper, sand until you get a better shape on the hook, its up to you the amount you want.

Step 7: Base Coloring

Here is where your individual ideas can come into play. Apply a base coloring of any sort of primer or spray adhesive of your choice. I chose black, but it is up to you.

Step 8: Painting the Pattern

Now is when you can do what you want. The original hook does have a pattern that you could follow, but depending on the amount you decided to sand, that pattern wouldn't work on the hook. I decided to change up the pattern, so I included different animals like a crab and a fish, I also hid my name in the pattern, so its up to you, what you want to do.

Step 9: Handle and Gloss

In order to add the rope handle, all you have to do is glue a piece of rope or string to the handle, and wrap it around, and glue when it needs to stick.

After the handles glue has dried all you need to do is spray it with a clear gloss coat, (so your paint doesn't chip), and then you're done!