Introduction: Iron Man Hand

For this project, we had to make some sort of code, and using the microbit, make something cool. I made a iron man repulsor hand and coded the first 20 seconds of the avengers theme song.

==Huge shout out to DaliLomo DIY

Check out the original video here:



Hot Glue


X-acto knife


Push light

Red and Gold spray paint

Step 1: Print and Cut

Print and cut out all of these pieces onto cardboard. That will make it sturdy enough to glue together.

Step 2: Glue

Glue all of the individual pieces in on themselves, each piece has a different need for gluing.

Then glue all the pieces needed together, and make sure they fit onto your hand.

Step 3: More Gluing

Glue each piece onto your glove.

Step 4: Paint

Using your red and gold spray paint, paint the whole hand red, and wait for it to dry.

After its dried, spray paint the thumb and pointer finger gold, for added effect.

Step 5: Light

After the paint is dried, glue your light onto the palm of the glove. This will act as the repulsor hand.

Step 6: Code

In order to code the avengers song, I found a simple piano part on youtube, and using block coding matched the notes and duration to that played on the youtube video. The code seen isn't the whole thing, since I coded the first 20 seconds of the song.

Step 7: Problems I Faced

The hand is very fragile, it can break easily.

I had to go through many different ideas for the actual microbit, the theme song was actually my 4th idea for it.

The coding was weird because I needed to have a 16th rest in between each of the notes, so it sounds a bit off.

The hand looks a little weird, since its thicker than it should be.

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