Introduction: DIY - Metal Roller Bender

This build was inspired by this INSTRUCTABLE with personal solutions based on the material I had and my ideas.

Material List:

  1. 60cm of 120 mm "C" iron profile
  2. 60cm of 120 mm "H" iron profile
  3. 100cm flat iron 100x10 mm
  4. No. 4 UCP204 Metric Series Two Bolt Pillow Block
  5. No. 2 UCF205 Flange Bearing
  6. 26mm diameter iron tube
  7. 18mm diameter iron bar
  8. M12 and M10 Bolts
  9. 25mm and 20mm diameter iron bar for rollers
  10. car scissor jack

Step 1: The Hinge

Cut the "C" iron profile in two and make a slot for the hinge.
The hinge is made with 26mm tube and 18mm pin.

With the lathe, I bore the tube on the right size and it's welded it on the "C" profile.

Step 2: The Frame (Fixed and Movable)

The "H" iron profile is the base frame.

On the Drill column, I make the pin's hole and a slot for Jack.

I weld the "H" profile with fixed "C" profile

I modify the jack for hinged it on the fixed and movable frame.

Step 3: The Plates

I make two plates with M10 threaded holes and weld it on the fixed frame, for adjust the high of the central roll.

I make two plates with 10mm hole and M12 threaded holes for support UCF Bearing.

Step 4: Sliding Rollers

I Cut a 10mm plate for making the support of UCP bearing.

The bearing it's fixed with four M12 bolt.

On the side of the plate, I weld two pieces of iron with holes for rapid movement of the sled.

The sled it's fixed on the frame with a pin.

Finally, I add the pins (20 and 25mm diameter) on bearings.

On the central pin, I milled hexagon (M17) for wrench or for hand wheel.

The position of rollers it's very important.

When bending thick metals, the bearings decrease the power when they are away from the center.

For the creation of narrower bending, the rollers are placed as close to the center as possible.

Step 5: Video

Step 6: Done

I made others accessories for accurate bending, the possibilities are numerous, the only problem .... finding the time to paint it :)