Introduction: DIY Mini Hand Saw

Make a small hand saw in 10 minutes for less than $ 1.

I am an old man, and I making mini robots.

I need a small saw. I thought I'd make one from aluminum plate. That's a lot of work.
On October 30th I figured out how to make from thick wire. I made it on October 31st.

30 cm 2.5 mm solder wire

2 M4 screws

2 M4 wing nuts

4 M4 screw washers

possibly a small handle, not necessary


I have a little vise, only 60 mm

We bend 2 small eyes on the wire with 4mm holes.

Finally bent to size, I made 5x10 cm.

Insert the bolts, attach two washers, and the wing nut.
The jigsaw blade can come between the two washers.

Secure the lower end with the nut.

The solder wire is strong and flexible, we can tension and screw in the top screw.

Lightweight, simple.

Good sawing!

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