Introduction: DIY Mini Pallet Photo Magnets

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I came up this idea of making mini pallet magnets after seeing a lot of people going crazy over the pallet photo transfer trend. If you aren't aware of that you need to make a google search. Pallet photos were in the trend years ago and it is again in the trend now. Some use mod podge to transfer just the ink like I did in DIY Image transfer on wood and some mod podge the photo print as such. As I have already discussed, the image transfer technique, I thought I will show how to do the second method. I did not want to make a big pallet photo instead I am going to show you an easy method to make your own DIY mini pallet using dollar store tumble tower game wood blocks. Let's get started.

Step 1: ​Materials Used:

  • Mini wood blocks from dollar store tumble tower game
  • Popsicle sticks
  • E6000 or wood glue
  • Laser photo print in normal or glossy paper (not photo paper)
  • Mod podge
  • Paint brush
  • Acrylic paint (Optional)
  • Magnets
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step 2:

Arrange three blocks of wood as shown with little space in between to resemble pallet wood and secure them with a two piece of popsicle stick(cut them to size using scissors) on the back using E 6000 or wood glue, the DIY mini pallet is now ready. I did not have popsicle stick on hand so I used some pieces remaining from DIY embroidery ornament craft.

Step 3:

Cut the photo to the size of the pallet and use mod podge to glue to the pallet. Apply a coat to the pallet as well as to the back of the photo.Then paste the photo onto the pallet and smooth out any wrinkles.Once the mod podge dries, use a craft knife and make the cuts following the spaces in between the pallet you created in the above step. Apply a top coat of mod podge and the photo pallet is done. This is one way of doing the photo pallet.

Step 4: The Other Way

Trace the pallet outline on the back of the photo and trim the excess using scissors so that the photo fits perfectly on the pallet. Now take a wood block and trace the outline on the back of the photo using pencil and cut it. Repeat the steps by tracing and cutting the strips of the photo to fit each wood block of the mini-pallet you created in step 1.

Then mod podge each strip onto the pallet. Apply a coat to the pallet as well as to the back of the photo.Then paste the photo strip onto the pallet and smooth out any wrinkles. Apply a top coat once everything dries. The photo pallet is ready.

Step 5:

Color the sides of the mini-pallet using acrylic paint. This is totally optional. I used the prominent color in each magnet to color the sides. For example, in the first magnet I used red color and in the second I used purple. For the rest two, I used black to color the sides. Then, glue the magnets to the back of the mini-pallet to complete the photo magnets.

How simple is that? I love how these magnets turned out.This craft works perfectly with a laser print using normal copy paper however if you are okay to spend extra 40 cents, I will recommend you get the print in a glossy a paper instead of normal copy paper. I feel there is only a mild difference between the both, but, I liked the look of glossy paper finish compared to copy paper finish. Also, I found it easier to work with glossy print as it wrinkles less.
And the other thing is, I prefer the second method of cutting the photo into strips instead of gluing the whole thing because I found that the second method gives clean look whereas in the first method after cutting the photo with a craft knife, it kind of feels like the edges are rough and not smooth.(zoom the end result to understand better). You can add emoticons in the photos to add a fun touch to the magnets like I have done with the heart emoji in one of the magnets ;). Let me know what other fun ideas you would do if you were to make these magnets. Share with me in the comments below. As always I will be happy to hear from you.

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