Introduction: DIY Minimalist Desk Lamp

At night, the fluorescent lighting in my studio is too harsh. With this in mind, I wanted to create a lamp that would allow me to draw, write, and plan.

From the start, I knew this lamp had to be simple. It would be counterintuitive to make a complex lamp that would distract the user from their work. Through personal research, I found that having your phone in arms reach can be a big distraction. To make users more productive and efficient, I created an area for people to store their device when they have a serious task at hand.

Step 1: Tools & Matrerials


Fusion 360

This along with all my other design projects are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. It is a free cloud based modeling software that enables you to develop ideas and into physical products. Click the link below to download a free trial of the software. I don’t think you’ll regret it.
Download Fusion 360 for Free!

Boxzy CNC
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White PLA-
Wood fill PLA-
Color Cord Set-
LED Edison Bulb-

Step 2: Drawing

Before jumping in to things, I like to sketch my ideas to get a feel for how they will look and work. This helps solve problems with the design that you may not have expected. If you are not familiar with perspective drawing, I would recommend watching this video by Syed Rahman.

Step 3: Sketch Diffuser Profile

To create the top diffuser, I will start with a sketch of a 3" x 3" square. I will then it offset it .1" inch to get the inner perimeter of the shape. Once the square is filleted, I will extrude the whole shape .25" and the rest of the diffuser 11.75".

Step 4: Split Diffuser Body

To make the part printable, I will go ahead and break it into two halves using the split body tool.

Step 5: Create Mounting Plate

To attach the socket kit, I will extrude a plane 3" inches in from the back of the diffuser. It is important to make it a join operation versus a new body operation.

Step 6: Make Post

For this step, I started by creating a sketch on the bottom the diffuser body. I then extruded this shape to 8.5" inches. I will then create another sketch on the bottom plane for the base plate.

(I tried to use magnets to connect the diffuser and base, but they were not strong enough. Those extra parts are not necessary. Just wanted to add that for clarification.)

Step 7: Lamp Base

Step 8: Make!

My desktop machine of choice is Boxzy CNC. It is a versatile 3 in 1 tool that gives you a new level of possibility that didn't exist before in a 3d printer or desktop CNC machine.

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Step 9: Enjoy!

Using these tools, I was able to complete this project in under 48 hours. The fact that I can go from an idea to a physical product blows my mind. Now that you have CAD software and a desktop machine, all that limits you from creating is your imagination.

Do you like these tutorials? Leave a comment letting me know how I can improve my instructables in the future. Thanks!