Introduction: DIY Desk Organizer

As I work, I find it extremely important to be organized. I want to spend less time looking for something and more time doing the task at hand. Over the past year or so, I have brainstormed, sketched, and prototyped ways to keep a clean space, and this is the result.

I challenge you to make this and see if it improves productivity!

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Step 1: Gather Tools

Some of the tools I used for this project are below.

Autodesk Fusion 360 ----> Download Fusion 360 for Free!

This along with all my other design projects are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. It is a free cloud based modeling software that enables you to develop ideas and into physical products. Click the link below to download a free trial of the software. I don’t think you’ll regret it.
Download Fusion 360 for Free!

Boxzy CNC ----> Use coupon code "organize" for free shipping!

Hatchbox Wood fill PLA --> Amazon

Step 2: Sketching

Before jumping in to things, I like to sketch my ideas to get a feel for how they will look and work. This helps solve problems with the design that you may not have expected. If you are not familiar with perspective drawing, I would recommend watching this video by Syed Rahman.

Step 3: Sketch Base Profile

Create a new sketch, and using the different tools, construct the base of the organizer. You can accomplish this using the rectangle, line, fillet, and circle tool. The different compartments will be for Post-It notes, pencils, SD cards, and your phone. Feel free to customize this to your liking.

Step 4: Modify to Create a 3D Shape

Using the press / pull tool, extrude the bottom a 1/4" inch and the top 1" inch. After this, I will add Fillets around the sides of the body to give it a clean look.

Step 5: Post-It Note Tab

To make the sticky notes easier to grab, I made a hold in the side of the body that allows easy access. I did this by creating a new sketch on the front of the organizer, then filleting off the edges.

Step 6: Rendering With 3D Textures

For the modeling side, that is it! Before I actually make the model, it is nice to get a better visual representation for what it will look like. To do this I will go into my render tab and give the design the appearance of 3D Maple.

Step 7: Bring in GrabCAD Models

GrabCAD is an resource that allows you to manage and share your CAD models online. It can be also used as a database to find models that can enhance and simulate what your final Fusion 360 products will look like.

On the site, I will go ahead and search for an iPhone to put in my model. Once I found a design I like, click download. Unzip the file and import it into Fusion 360. I will repeat this process for other objects I want my desk organizer to hold.

If you need further clarification, check out the video I made about importing models into Fusion 360 above.

Step 8: Make!

My desktop machine of choice is Boxzy CNC. It is a versatile 3 in 1 tool that gives you a new level of possibility that didn't exist before in a 3d printer or desktop CNC machine. For this project, I used the Boxzy Lab at Techshop Pittsburgh to print / mill all of my parts.

Get free shipping on your Boxzy machine by using code "organize" at checkout -->

Step 9: Enjoy!

For me, working in a clean environment allows me to be more productive and efficient. I designed this product with customization in mind. The different areas allows it to be versatile and fit any users needs. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this project. Send me a picture of the organizer you make!

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