Introduction: DIY Minimalist Wallet

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No one likes bulging pockets, and bulging wallets even less. However, pocket wallets can cost up to $150 these days! That's why I decided to try and make my own DIY minimalist wallet. Its dimensions are a mere 9.5 cm by 6.5 cm (pocket-sized), and can hold at least five credit cards at once. Best yet, it uses materials that are easily found around your home.


Here's what you'll need:

Thin cardboard-like the one from cereal boxes

Card stock

Double-sided tape

Packaging tape

Scissor/Utility knife-depends on your preference



Rubber bracelet

Step 1: The Main Body

Take a piece of thin cardboard and cut a rectangle measuring 13 cm by 9.5 cm. Fold it in half and crease tightly. Peel the glossy layer off the rectangle.

Step 2: Credit Card Pockets

Here is the template for the credit card pockets. Cut it out and fold along the dotted lines. Trace around a round object on the top of the pocket to make the pocket more accessible to your fingers. Use double sided tape to seal the whole pocket together. Make four more pockets to make a total of five pockets. Take two of the finished pockets and use packaging tape to attach them together at the back. Take another pocket and tape it to the front of one of the two pockets. Take another pocket and tape it to the back of the last pocket. Take the last pocket and tape it to the front of the last pocket. All five pockets should now be able to fold over into a neat pile. Use double tape to affix the bottom pocket to one side of the thin cardboard.

Step 3: Money and Coin Pockets

Here are the plans for both the pockets to hold cash and coins. As before, fold along the dotted lines and seal it up with double-sided tape. However, leave the tab on top of both pockets untaped. This will be the removable cover of the pockets. Cut the corners of the tab for rounded corners. Cut a small piece of double-sided tape and stick it in the middle of the tab. Attach the money pocket (the bigger one) to the other side of the thin cardboard. Tape the coin pocket (the smaller one) on top of the money pocket.

Step 4: Keep It Together

Now all that's left to do is fill the wallet with credit cards and money. Once you're done, close the wallet by folding it over. Stretch the rubber bracelet over the edge of the wallet to keep it closed. There you have it: your very own, DIY minimalist wallet.

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