Introduction: DIY Vintage Wedding Cards

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I've posted an ible on 'how to make designer cards' before. The tutorial was simple, easy and for beginners. But this time I'll take you to next level! I'll share a few tips and tricks for making your very own, unique handmade cards.

These cards turn out beautiful and they're super fun to make. You'll get to know a few stuffs about collecting materials from the nature, choosing and combing the materials on hand and finally making your own designer mixed-media cards. And lastly, these handmade personalized vintage themed cards are definitely awesome for any occasion, especially for wedding.

So, what are we waiting for? Get started!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make mixed media cards you'll need:

  1. Cardstock - to make the card.
  2. Scissor,
  3. Glue,
  4. Burlap fabric,
  5. Crochet lace,
  6. Foam,
  7. Beads,
  8. Dry leaves and petals,
  9. Pencil and ruler,
  10. Others.

Step 2: Gathering Materials

I wouldn't suggest you to buy materials (for decorating the card) from stores. Buying all the decorating materials from the store isn't fun. Popular store bought materials include - ribbon, lace, burlap fabric, glitter, yarn, cardboard, patterned fabric, beads, confetti and so on. You can use them but it gets better when you mix a bit of nature with'em as well!

I love to collect and use materials from the nature for decorating cards. Natural materials give a rustic, classy and elegant look to the card. Materials you can collect from nature for card decoration are- dry leaves, dry twigs and sticks, dry petals and flowers, pressed petals-leaves-flowers etc.

Just go out there, in your backyard or garden and have an adventure collection time! My personal faves are dry sticks and dry petals. Mixing and matching store bought and natural materials is much more fun!

Now, prepare your card and start designing.

Step 3: The Classical Vintage Card

Lets start with my favorite one, the vintage card!

Cut out a vintage style label out of a different colored card-stock paper, not as same as the cardstock you'll be using for making the card. I also applied a thin line around the border of the label using gold glitter pen. Make 2 roses out of red card-stock paper. Follow this ible to make the roses.

Prepare your card. Crochet a lace using white or off-white thread according to your card size. Glue the crochet lace along the closed side of the card. Cut a small piece of thin foam and glue it on the center of the card. Glue the label on the foam. Cut out 3 pieces out of burlap fabric. Take out some threads out of the burlap fabric to create fringes on the side. Glue the burlap pieces around the 3 sides of the label. Glue the flowers and the dry leaves on the bottom left corner (closed side) of the card.

Glue some stones on the card. I also glued some small faux pearl beads on the crochet lace to make the card look more attractive.

Step 4: The Vintage Lace Card

For this card you will need a 2 inch wide vintage crochet lace. Choose a good color combination between your card and the lace.

Prepare your card and glue the vintage lace along the closed end of the card. I attached the lace vertically.

I made 2 holes on the folding line of the card and inserted 2 pieces of black yarns through the holes. The yarn pieces should be long enough to wrap the card and then make a bow.

Cut out a small piece of cardboard. Take off the top layer neatly. Cut the top layer into a tag shape. Now you have a corrugated piece and a plain tag.

Glue the corrugated piece beside the lace and insert the tag into the yarns as shown in the 3rd picture of this step. Glue the tag with the corrugated piece so that it stays still.Tie a knot with the remaining yarn.

Attach confetti stones on the lace to make the card look more attractive.

Step 5: The Floral Card

For this card we'll be using colorful flowers. So, to make the flowers pop it would be better to use cream or off white cardstock for making the card.

Cut a spiral pattern out of a cardstock of your choice. I used red. I also glued some glitters around the border of the spiral and then rolled the spiral paper to make rolled rose. Make 3-4 different kinds of cardstock and paper flowers. Add beads and stones on the flowers.

Have your card ready? Start gluing the flowers on the card. Add some dry leaves, burlap fabric and threads to create a variant design.

Step 6: The Musical Window Card

This card turned out prettier than I expected!

Prepare your card paper. Draw an arch shaped window and cut the window as shown in this picture. Keep both sides of the window intact with the card.

Prepare some burlap fabric threads for making the fence below the window. Glue the burlap fabric threads like I did in the 2nd picture of this step to make the fence.

Make some rolled paper flowers. Gather dry leaves and petals. Glue the flowers, dry leaves-petals, and stones on the card one by one.

I glued a musical notes printed paper on the back of the window. You can photos or inspirational quotes as well.

Anyways, it feels great to have your own patented card design. I don't worry about buying cards anymore and so won't you. Gather all the stuffs, arrange'em, stick'em and create your patented card design.