Introduction: DIY Modern Minimalist Headphone Stand

Gamers and Music lovers may already know that after we spent the money on a nice set of headphones, it is nice to be able to show it off with pride and display it a nice fashion or simply store it within easily access while protecting it against hard surfaces.

However, if you looked around, it may be surprising that a good, stylish and sturdy stand often commands high dollars. Plus, if you are a bit of a headphone addict / collector like myself, things may add up quickly.

So, this was sort of a challenge set and for myself to design and diy a decent looking stand while requiring minimal work but most of all, wouldn't break any banks.

To that, I think I have succeeded with the example in this tutorial with the whole thing only costing me CAD ~$3 (I already own all the tools and material) for this simple build. The bonus here too is, this whole thing also took me all of ~10 mins (in total) to build. While you may be able to find nicer looking DIY stands or cheaper or faster to build but I honestly would be hard pressed to see anything that is all of the above.

Anyway, without further ado, next are the steps...

Step 1: Step 1: Find a Banana Stand

Found this nice Banana stand at a dollar store chain in Canada called Dollarama for CAD $3, but I imagine similar stands for banana / paper towel stand could be found in other stores for pretty much next to nothing, too.

Just a reminder that when you find one, do check that it is not only good condition, free of scratches and imperfection but should be straight and sit level on a flat surface, too.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Holder

For this one and only other part of the stand, I chose to use a wooden dowel since I just happened to have some sticks around. However, this really could be anything in any shape and size, ie. I imagine a wine cork would function and be very nice here, too.

Anyway, for the wooden dowel, I just hand sawed a piece about 1.5" long off of an already dried stick.

This length was chosen since I wanted the holder to have a gap between the steel rod and the main stand for hanging the cable loop.

Step 3: Step 3: Sanding the Dowel

Next, I just wanted to sand off the saw marks and bevel off the corners of the dowel for a smoother finish, so I just used a sanding tool with a Dremel for this.

However, a simple sanding block alone would probably do the step equally well.

Step 4: Step 4: Drilling the Dowel

Then, just wanted the dowel to have a hole in the middle which would not only provide a space to apply the adhesive without being obvious plus it will slot into the rod, allowing the holder sit better and more secure.

The dowel was clamped on both sides and hand drilled with a 1/4" bit, which was roughly the diameter of the steel rod for a tight fit.

Step 5: Step 5: Finishing & Attaching the Holder

To finish off the holder dowel, I applied a light coat of semi-gloss polyurethane after some light sanding. The coat is just to protect the dowel and sanding is to help the coat stick better to the wood.

Once the coat has dried, a small amount of epoxy glue (since it will stick to both metal and wood) was applied to the dowel hole before it was pressed onto the rod.

Step 6: Step 6: Enjoy

Well, that is it, like I said this was a very simple build.

Personally, I really liked the result in the end since to me, it looks modern sleek and minimalist elegant. The combination of steel and wood, creates a bit of cold industrial meets warm arts & craft feel to the stand. I also liked the wooden dowel brings the stand a bit closer in looks to an Omega stand I already own as well.

Functionally, the height of the stand provides easy reach for the headphone when the stand is sitting on the desk. The space behind the dowel is also handy to hang the cable in a loop so it is out of the way of the desk.

Anyway, I hopefully you all liked it or hopefully it may even inspirited you to build your own version, too.

If any of you end up building one, please feel free to let me know and source my tutorial. Thx.

*In case some of you are wondering, the phones in the photos are Sony MDR-V700 & Marley Destiny

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