Introduction: DIY Modern Wooden Gate

After asking several price offer, we realize we could't afford our dreamed gate. So I start looking to build one my self. Thank's Pinterest we found the design we wanted, now it was just a question of doing it. We chose to make the frame in steel square tube to make it strong and to cover with wooden slats. We chose thermowood.


Square tube 40x40x3mm
Wooden slats 40x18mm in thermowood
Universal adhesive based on hybrid technology
Gate hinges
Door locks and handls
Anti rust paint (RAL 9005)
Welding rods

Step 1: Building the Frames

I used here my trailer as welding table. First I cut all my tubes to the good lenght using my angel grinder, I also cut out the insert for the door locks.
Once evrithing was ready I fited al together and use several clamps to hold it in place. Now it was welding time. It was my first big welding job so I took my time to do it good.

After that I grind everything nice and flat to help me latter on to glue the wooden slat.

Step 2: Painting the Frame

I just hang it in my garage and paint it with black anti rust paint. I use 1k paint system. To be sure I apply 3 layers of it.

Step 3: Installing the Frames

One side is fixed on the wall of my neighbours the other side I make a small concrete.

The concrete side: the tube of my fixed part are longer so they goes strait in side the concrete. To make it stronger I weld some extra steel bar to creat a kind of reinforced concrete.

The other gate was just fixed on the wall using some sleeve anchors. I reinforced the top on by welding 2 longer flat bar and drill some extra hole.

Step 4: Instaling the Wooden Salt

After long search i hose the HYBRIFIX® 302 from den braven, to glue all the slats. I started with the corner and let dry, the next day I continue with the rest, on top I put one aluminium rails as a guide. First i aplly some glue on the frame then I press the salt on it and just support underneath till it dry. Some time I had to use tiewrap to hold in place while drying.

Step 5: Finished

once the locks and handels were all in place we could look back at a succesfull new gates. I enjoy creating this project, I hope you now enjoy reading my instrucable about it. This my first publication, now I'm writing it, I see I'll try to take more pictures of every step next time to improve my publication.
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