Introduction: DIY Moroccan Side Table

When we were laying out our nursery for Madison, a side table by the glider was a must, and since the Conner side table we made before is now being used as Brayden’s bedside table, we had to get something new. Whether it’s books or a drink, a side table is certainly a functional piece of furniture. So Jamie went shopping, window shopping that is, and she fell in love with this Moroccan Side Table from Pottery Barn Kids. The problem is that the dang thing is $150. I said, “Not in my house!”. So I got to work on a design. One weekend and a half a sheet of plywood later, and there you have it. The $40 Moroccan Side Table from Rogue Engineer. Boom goes the dynamite! Oh yea and that crazy cut out, don’t worry about it, I’ve included a template that makes it crazy easy. Enjoy these free plans and don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest.

Step 1: Cut List and Template

This makes your building process much easier. Then follow the simple step-by-step instructions on how to put everything together.

Step 2: Miter Sides

Using the table saw, miter both sides of the side panels. There are 6 panels.

Step 3: Trace and Cut Out Pattern

In this step we are using the free temple to trace the pattern on our 6 side panels. Using a jig saw or scroll saw we are then cutting out the pattern.

Step 4: Cut the Top

Using the miter saw set to 30 degrees cut from corner to corner to create a hexagon top.

Step 5: Assemble the Base

After drilling two pockholes in each side panel it is time to assemble the base.

Step 6: Attach the Top

It is time to attach the top. Using the pocket holes from the previous step.

Step 7: Add Trim and Paint!

This step is all about adding the finishing details.