Introduction: DIY Mount for Amazon Alexa Dot

While searching for a wall mount for my Alexa dot, cost was one great dampner. I got my dot in a black Friday deal so cost for a mount cannot overrun the cost of device itself. This project is more of a hack and if you look at the picture all the steps will be self explanatory. I had an extra small micro usb and a rubber wrist band lying around so this was a 0$ cost to me.


Alexa Dot. Replace amazon’s usb cable with a smaller micro usb cable. Smaller it is the cleaner will be the profile.

Step 1: Bind Alexa, Charger and Usb Cable With Rubber Wristband

Just make sure the placement ensures that device is flush against the charger body and nothing overlaps the charger prongs.

Wrist band ensures placement of device on top of charger is secure. If you the provided long cable you can still place on top of charger but can be a bit unsecured.

Step 2: Plug In

It does cover the mute and speak button but i hardly use it. Also it doesn’t seem to impair voice instruction although it does seem to cover the mic on the centre of dot.