Introduction: DIY Mug From Coffe Grinds

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This is a relatively simple mug made from coffee grinds as the main material.


Coffe grinds




Step 1: Step 1; Strain Off Your Coffe Grinds.

If you are using used coffee grinds, which I do not recommend, strain off as much water as you can. If you are using dry coffee grinds, mix with a little water till they are moist, not wet. In any case make sure they are ground very fine.

P.S. My photography for Steps three through five was very bad because of my lighting. I am very sorry. Step six was a little better but not great.

Step 2: Step 2; Mixing

Mix with one-fourth of a cup of glue and one-half cup of flour per every two cups of coffee grinds. Stir well and to an even consistency and you should get dough or clay-like mixture. If it's to dry, add a little water. If to wet, add a little more flour. Use your best judgment.

Step 3: Step 3: Let It Sit

Take the mixture and let it sit for at least thirty minutes to an hour before proceeding onto the next step.

Step 4: Step 4; Make the General Body

This is basically what your mug will look like. However, it is not the final project. Make sure you take some time on this before you put it into the oven and leave at 150 degrees F before taking it out after eight hours of baking. If you have a kiln that would be preferable to the oven.

Step 5: Step 5; Remove From the Oven and Sand

By sanding your almost completed project it will give it a smooth feel instead of the grainy one you probably have from using coffee grinds. If it is not perfect, do not continue sanding because you will wear away the mug. Rather stop and wait for the next step. I would suggest that you use 150 grit sandpaper or higher.

Step 6: Step 6; Finally

Glaze your finished project. Remember to paint or stain it first or it will look just like coffee grinds. I hope you liked this project and I can't wait for someone to post that they have also done it. - Josiah Miller

Step 7:

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