Introduction: DIY Multicolor Led Light Controllable Wi-fi

About: young africain maker from senegal

Merry Christmas to everyone This video shows how to make a led lamp that changes color according to you, it is controlled via WI-FI. you connect it to the Wifi of your house you go on this web page and the show can start

the project was realized in senegal africa by Block-techno youtubefacebook


Step 1: Choose the Components

In this tutorial you will need a

-Led light


-ESP01 adapter


-led RGB (ws2812) neopixel




-power supply 5v

Step 2: Open the Lamp and Remove the Circuit


take the lamp unscrewed the diffuser


remove the circuit that if found


the two wires (it is these two wires which bring the current on the cicruit it is necessary to be careful the tension to work off power)

Step 3: Cut a Square to the Size of the Circuit

here you have to cut on a plastic a square to the size of the old circuit, it is this plate of the plastic that will support the neopixels (led)

Step 4: Glue the Neopixels (led Rgb)

after cutting the square bracket take glue and glue the led on the bracket

Step 5: Solder the Current Supply to the Transformer

take your phone charger, open it, then you have to weld the current coming from the lamp to the two terminals to enter the transformer, after you take two wires you solder it to the transformer outlet to have 5v

Attention work off

Step 6: Fixed Power Supply

take the transformer and glue it to the lamp wall with a glue gun

Step 7: Solder Led and Connect to ESP-Adapter

solder the 3 rows of led between and connected them to the esp01,

in the scheme fritzing there was not the esp-adapter you hit if you too have it you can replace it with a 3.3V voltage regulator like the ams1117

Step 8: Program the Esp01

after wiring the system based on the fritzing schema to cabler the esp01 with the FTDI

Download the ws2812fx control library on github ==>>

extract the ZIP file to the arduino / libraries directory

open ARDUINO IDE GO => Exemples/WS2812FX/esp8266_webinterface

search #define WIFI_SSID " name of ssid" <<<<====== take the name of your wifi

#define WIFI_PASSWORD" password of your wifi" <<<<====== take the password of your wifi

in this tutorials i have 9 leds rgb in the arduino code i need to indique how much led i have

search #define LED_COUNT 9 <<<<====== put the number of led

after this, select Generic esp8266 module, your port and upload a sketch

Step 9: Solder the Last Wires and Close Everything

take a small piece of plastic cut to the size of the esp-adapter paste on the transormateur and then stick the esp-adapter on the plastic, the little piece of plastic can isolate the two circuits, and serves as a support for the esp. solder the two transformer output wires (5v) to the esp-adapter

after that glue the new circuit in the lamp and close it all

Step 10: Connect to Application

after closing the lamp to connect it to the mains and automatically it will connect to the WIfi that you indicated it, you must know the ip address of ESP01 or you go through the box to see the ip address or you use a software to scan the network and give you the ip address like fing (android,ios) or zenmap (linux),

if you know your ip address you open your internet browser and you put the ip address of the esp01 you will fall on a site, it is in this site that you will choose the desired effects, you can change everything you wanted color, brightness etc

Step 11: Video of Making

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