Introduction: DIY No-Drill Braided Ukulele Strap

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playing your ukulele standing up made easy!

Step 1: Materials

for this diy, you will need:

• 1 pair of 45" shoelaces per color
• 1 ukulele

the number of shoelaces you will need depends completely on how many colors you'd like to use. for example, i used 2 pairs of gray shoelace & 1 pair of red shoelace to create a gray braid with red accents. it all depends on preference.

as for the length, i find 2 pairs of 45" shoelaces works for me, a petite 5'4" girl. you can always tweak it & use 2 pairs of 54" shoelaces, but i find this works best for me. feel free to experiment!

Step 2: Tie Shoelaces Together.

tie together each pair of shoelaces. this serves the purpose of doubling the length of the shoelace so your strap will be long enough.

Step 3: Tie One End of the Shoelaces Together.

my wording is poor, but i'll explain. tie together only one end of the shoelaces together. this will become the top base for our braid.

if you tie both ends of the shoelaces together, you won't be able to braid your shoelace strap. *sadface*

Step 4: Braid Dem Laces!

pretty simple. for mine, i just did a normal 3-strand braid (outer strands go over middle strands, alternating between sides), taking extra care to make sure the laces weren't twisting weird.

depending on how many laces you have, you may have to tweak your braid into a 4-strand braid, 5-strand braid, & so on. there are many tutorials for this online, so get googling!

Step 5: Tie the Other End of the Shoelaces Together.

self-explanatory. both ends of the shoelaces should be tied together now.

Step 6: Loop Shoelace Through Top Part of Uke.

loop the shoelace under the top strings, then secure in a knot.

keep in mind, you may have to untie the ends so they will fit underneath the strings. they need to be as flat as possible.

Step 7: Loop Shoelace Around Middle of Uke.

string shoelace underneath strings & underneath the underside of the uke. adjust to your liking, & finish off with a knot.

you may want to stand while adjusting the length of the strap just to be sure. :)

Step 8: & You're Done!

you can modify the length so that the strap goes around your shoulder. it would just be a little longer. but otherwise, you're done!

upload pics of your attempts. :)