DIY Notebook Binding With Yarn



Introduction: DIY Notebook Binding With Yarn

This is a simple, pretty, and effective way of binding a notebook or loose class notes together with yarn. It's very useful and time efficient way of keeping myself organized amidst a full school workload of 6 courses and 30+ hours of class.

Step 1: Hole Punch

Punch holes through the entire left side of a stack of paper which will later be bonded into a notebook. Don't worry if you make a mistake, this can be covered by the yarn.

It is easier to remove the bottom tray of the hole puncher since the amount of paper you are punching will make it full and consequently jam fairly quickly.

Step 2: Bind

Push the yarn through in and out of the holes, like a running stitch.

I found it easier to burn the ends of the yarn with a lighter so it does not split apart.

Step 3: Knot

Once you are done binding, loop the yarn a second time around the top most hole and tie a double knot so it does not slip off.

Cut off the excess yarn on the bottom and tie another double not at the bottom-most hole.

Step 4: Design and Enjoy!

Design your notebook depending on the subject you're going to use it for. I chose to follow the theme of my Instructables online identity - A Martian's Study of Planet Earth. I also added a neat little ribbon as part of the top knot.

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