Introduction: DIY Notebook Cover - Harry Potter Inspired

I love writing in notebooks. And I love Harry Potter. I though, why not combine them? This was two months ago. Now every notebook I own is customized....

So, I thought I'll share the process!

This is my first instuctable, so bare with me..

Materials Needed:

1. Paper (Any Kind, not too thick)

2. Printer

3. Scissor

4. Any image editor (I use pixlr, its free.)

5. Glue/Tape

6. Notebook

7. Plastic sheet (Clear)

Step 1: Designing the Cover

In your preferred image editor, design your custom cover. I use pixlr, which is a free image editor that opens up in your browser. Depending on the size of your notebook, you need to rotate the design. I have made mine horizontally, as my notebook is rather small.

Step 2: Print It Out

Print out the template you just designed on regular printer paper.

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

Cut off the sides and paste the cover on your notebook with glue/tape.

Step 4: Plastic Cover

Tape on your plastic cover. Don't skip this step, as the paper can get dirty or scribbled on!

Step 5: You're Finished!

And you're done!