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A cake is a perfect canvas for gorgeous paper art! Our creative stationery team at Paperlust want to share the love with these cute Japanese inspired DIY origami dress and shirt cake toppers. This is a modern take on the traditional ‘bride and groom’ wedding cake topper that looks great and is easy to make yourself, and can be used for a Birthday party, Wedding, Engagement, Baby Shower or just about anything.

The best thing about these is that they are so versatile, and are easy to make. Use them as cake toppers, string them into chains to decorate, convert them into wedding place cards, or make just the dresses and use them as the theme for your bridal shower. There is so much that can be created here as the variable is the paper pattern, the colour and the texture. With elegant lace patterns or pastel colours, the toppers can be kept classic, while bright colours and patterns can convey a sense of fun and are perfect for more laid-back affairs.

Step 1: Steps for Making the Dress:

See the diagram above for reference in the steps below, the numbers correspond with the steps on the diagram.

1. Choose a rectangular piece of origami paper (tip you can buy this from all good craft stores, or Japanese craft shops). Place paper pattern side down, and fold in half lengthwise, forming a smaller rectangle.

2. Open the paper up. Fold both edges in to the centre fold.

3. Open the paper again. Flip the paper over so patterned side is facing up. Next, fold the paper so that the outer creases (white dots) meet the middle crease (green dots).

4. Flip the paper over.

5. Fold paper almost in half (leaving 5mm space at the top) and back on itself (leaving another 5mm fold at the bottom).

6. Flip the paper over, and turn it 180 degrees.

7. Make the collar by folding down the inside top two corners.

8. Make the pleat of the dress by pulling the paper up and out to the side. Crease down into place.

9. Flip over

10. Make the V-neck at the top by pulling back the top, creasing down the sides.

11. Fold the sides of the top in. Make the angle of the skirt by folding in the sides of the dress.

12. Flip over and fold out the sleeves of the dress.

Step 2: Step 2: Steps for Making the Shirt

1. Choose a rectangular piece of origami paper. Place paper pattern-side down, and fold in half lengthwise.

2. Open paper up. Fold in half the other way.

3. Fold the top third down.

4. Fold the two edges in to meet the middle

5. Fold top corners outwards so they are hanging over the edge. These will become the sleeves.

6. Flip paper over. Fold bottom up 5mm (valley fold).

7. Flip page over, and then rotate 180 degrees. Fold in the two top edges to make the collar.

8. Bring the bottom all the way up to the top and tuck in under the collar.

Step 3: The Result.

So there you go! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let us know if you would like to see more origami tutorials.