Introduction: DIY Operation Game Using Conductive Ink

DIY Operation Game Using Conductive Ink from Bare Paint.
From a build it day at  the San Antonio Hacker Space 

Small Box
1 NPN transistor
1 resistor 390 ohms
electric tape
Bare Paint Eelectrically Conductive Paint
Metal Tweezers
Thick Paper
Wire about 3 feet
9v battery
9v battery connector
Small nuts
Printed Image or Sticker

Exacto Knife
Wire Strippers
Solidering Iron
Clear Tape or Glue

Step 1: Step 001 - Tape Image or Stick Sticker on Front of Box

Tape Image or stick sticker on front of Box

Step 2: Step 002 - Cut a Hole in the Box

Use a Exacto knife to cut a hole in the box that will be the hole that the tweezers will go into to retrieve the nut.
Make sure the hole is a bit bigger then what you need. We will be putting  a smaller cut out of paper in the next step.

Step 3: Step 003 - Cut a Rectangle Smaller Then the Previous Step and Paint Will Conductive Paint

Using Exacto Knife cut a small rectangle in a piece of paper
Paint around the Opening
Paint a line away from the Opening that will be used connect a wire to.

Step 4: Step 004 - Attach the Wire to the Conductive Paint

Cut two small holes and feed stripped wire through the hole.
Tape the Wire down.

Step 5: Step 005 - Tape the Paper to the Box

Flip the Paper Over and Tape to the box so that the conductive paint is showing through the hole.

Step 6: Step 006 - Cut Out a Little Box From the Paper.

Using the paper cut out a small box. This will be used to hold the nuts inside the box.

Step 7: Step 007 - Tape the Box Inside the Larger Box

Tape the Box you made from the previous stop inside the larger box

Step 8: Step 008 - Adding the Electronics

Cut holes in the box for the LED, NPN Transistor and Resistors.
I used the Eyes and the Mouth of the  Instructables Robot.
Note Make sure to place the positive side of the LED next to the emitter of the Transistor.

Step 9: Step 009 - Soldier the Components

Solder Positive Battery Connector to Wire Attached to Ink
Solder Positive Battery Connector Wire to NPN Collector
Solder LED Positive to NPN Emmitter
Solder NPN Emmiter to Resistor
Solder Resistor to the Negative Battery Connector
Solder Long Wire to NPN Base

Step 10: Step 010 - Attach Long Wire to Metal Tweezers

Using the long wire, strip off about 1 inch of insulation.
Tape wire to the metal tweezers

Step 11: Step 010 - Attach Battery and Place Nut or Small Object in the Hole

Connect the battery.
Close the box
Put nut in hole
Play your DIY Operation Game by trying to grab the object with the tweezers without lighting up the led.