Introduction: DIY Outdoor Sofa

About: Hey! This is Molly and Dylan from the YouTube Channel Woodbrew:) We started a custom furniture business after high school and that has turned into creating DIY content online.

This project is super simple when it comes to materials. All we need is a couple 4x4s, about (4) 2x4s and handle full of 6” wood screws (affiliate link)and pocket hole screws(affiliate link). First thing, always, is cutting down materials to length. The 4x4s are for the 4 legs, front and back stretchers, and the side stretchers. The 2x4s are going across the bottom like slats for our cushions to sit on. We just put up a make shift stop block real quick so we can easily make the same cut repeatedly. So this is going outside and no this isn't treated wood, we will talk about this in a second. We have a plan.

Step 1: Sand, Round Off Corners, Pre-drill

Before we get to assembling, we are going to do a quick sand (sander (affiliate link))and round off the corners and pre drill for our screws. We want the screws to be inset so we can plug them later, so for that we used a forestner bit and then a regular drill bit for the pilot hole past the inset. A good way to mark how deep you need to drill for a screw is just to tape off the drill bit to how long the screw is. Easy peasy.

Step 2: Assembly

After the two sides are assembled we can attach the front and back stretchers. For the back stretcher, we put it up a little bit higher than the front one. This way the bottom cushions wouldn't slide out the back.

Step 3: Adding in Bottom Slats

Now time to add in the 2x4 slats to the bottom. We for sure don't want to screw them in from the front where you would see all the holes. Instead, we drilled for pocket holes and then could attach them right in.

Step 4: Plugging in Screw Holes

After everything is assembled, we went back in and plugged all the holes with a dowel. Just by adding some glue and tapping the dowel in really well we can saw off the excess and then come back in and do a final sanding.

Step 5: Finish

For finish, we are using a clear gloss varnish from Total Boat. You can click here to learn all about this product and all about the rest of their awesome products. This stuff is legit. It’s water based, so that makes the clean process super easy, and you can apply it with pretty much anything. It’s meant to be put on pretty thick and it’ll dry in an hour and it’s ready for another coat. Best part, you don't have to sand in between coats. Best part is, no need for sanding in between coats! This is how we are going to seal up the untreated wood and it will last a very long time with the varnish being ultra durable and UV resistant. Total Boat is a company that specializes in boat finishes, so you know this is the real deal. We did a total of 3 coats and I’m hoping we were careful enough to get every single spot.

Step 6: DONE!

Now just to add in the cushions and final touches around the sofa and we can relax. This sofa is low to the ground because we wanted it to be super relaxed and loungy to lay outside. We love how this project turned out. This is the start to a whole outdoor series, so stay tuned for more DIY outdoor projects to chill in. Thank you Total Boat for sponsoring this weeks video/project. We hope y'all enjoyed and we will see you in the next one!

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