There are so many great instructables on watch straps, but i couldn't find any instructables on Paper made watch strap.In this Instructables I am explaining how you can make a watch strap from paper.I used news paper and insulation tape to build watch strap.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Tools & Materials

  • News Paper
  • Insulation Tape
  • Scissors
  • super Glue
  • Buckle
  • watch (just to show that how you can making paper strap , i have used an old watch )

Step 3: Making Longer Strap

Let's begin by making the longer strap first.

Here I am not mentioning any dimensions ,you may choose different dimension and design that you wish.

  1. First you need to cut newspaper as per above image(fig.1). Note that its length must include tip and tab of the strap.
  2. Fold the paper as per above image(fig.2). Here there are 8 layers of paper folding.It Provides required strength.
  3. Cover it with insulation tape . I have used a black insulation tape to cover it.I think it looks pretty good.

Step 4: Making Shorter Strap

Follow the same step of longer strap for the shorter strap too.

The Shorter strap has two little tabs on the both ends.One to hold the watch buckle and the other which connects the strap to the legs of the watch.

Step 5: Making the Loops

I this step we'll be making a loop of the watch.follow the same steps that we have followed for step 3 and 4.

After covering it with insulation tape next step is to bend it as per above figure(fig.4) and apply super glue to combine both ends.

Step 6: The Status!

After completing above steps the strap will look like this .

Step 7: Making the Holes

For this step , I used a compass to poke holes on the watch strap.

Step 8: Attaching Buckle

Before attaching buckle insert the loop through the short strap.

  1. Make a oval hole in the any end of shorter strap using compass.
  2. Place the eye of the buckle through the oval hole and glue it using super glue.

(Please refer the video if you didn't understand )

Step 9: Attach the Straps

Attach both straps(shorter and longer strap) to end both legs of watch.

Step 10: Done !

you can make straps with different color too !

Hope you like this Instructables.

Happy Making :)

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