Introduction: DIY PIKACHU Tea Bag Holder POLYMER CLAY Tutorial/POKEMON GO Inspired

Hey guys! Let me show you how to make a super cute pikachu tea bag holder, with few materials! This way, you can have your own Pikachu next to you, instead of inside your phone :P Have fun! :D Jackie's channel:'s tutorial: DIY FAKE FRIES Mcdonald's Memo Holder Polymer Clay Tutorial Pokeball Donut Polymer Clay Tutorial got my awesome pokemon button from ''PaperBeatsRock'' shop at the MTL Comiccon last Friday! ( @drencielos.Here are the materials you will need:-Yellow and red clay-White, black and brown paint-Xactoknife-Rolling pin-Needle tool and dotting tool-Soft pastels-Straw-Translucent Liquid Sculpey-Microwave-safe cup-Glaze