Introduction: DIY PVC Manequin

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You can make a nice mannequin torso to display t-shirts, hoodies, jackets etc... All parts are easy to get and easy to assemble. I had everything leftover from other projects with the exception of the closet flange (bottom). Chances are that if you're reading this now you're wondering why you didn't think of this. To tell you the truth, I was inspired when I saw something similar and decided it would be easy enough to get some parts and see how they fit together.

Step 1: Gather Parts

(All parts are 4" PVC)
-Two or three 90* elbows
-One tee
-One coupler
-One closet flange
-One 3 foot section of pipe

Step 2: Assemble

Simply assemble the parts as shown. I did not glue anything together. Friction fitting it means that I can reposition it later if I want to. For my purposes cutting the piece of pipe to 3 feet long seemed to work well. Also, the closet flange is the reason 4" pipe is what I recommended. I also like the closet flange because if you need to or want to you could screw directly through this and into any appropriate surface. I suppose you could even invert the whole thing and hang it from the ceiling if you wanted to.

Also note that If you keep with 4" you don't need to mess with any size adapters. Using PVC pipes gives you a lot of options on how to make this your own.

Step 3: Display Your Apparel.

Display that shirt / hoodie / fleece or whatever you want. Paint it, or use it as is. Have fun!
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