Introduction: DIY "Paint With Water" Coloring Book

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I lived my childhood in the 90s. And I left it back there for many years. But now that I have a daughter, she asks me what I used to play as a kid.

I used to love the "paint with water" coloring books. You just pass a wet paintbrush over the paper and the color appeared. Now I know why my mom loved them too: they are less messy than real watercolors.

I haven't seen them lately so I decided to make one for my daughter.

You can take it to a restaurant, the church, the dentist's waiting room... it's perfect for a quiet activity.

It's easy, mess free and fun. So let's get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Watercolor crayons (mine are Gelatos by Faber Castell. You'll find them in a craft store in the scrapbook/stamping section)

A coloring book. Or find a coloring page online and print it out.

Wipes for this easier and less messy method. Or a paintbrush for the tratidional method. One disadvantage of using paintbrush is that you´ll need a thicker paper.

Step 2: Trace the Outlines

Begin drawing the lines with the crayons. Just one line will be enough. I wanted it colorful!

Kids can make this step, but as the crayons have very thick tips, it's tricky for them.

See the picture with the green note my daughter wanted to draw.

PRO TIP: in small sections that are close to each other, use similar colors (like in the drum) because they could blend with the water.

Step 3: Let Magic Begin

Once you finish with the drawing it's ready for the little hands to have fun.

It's ok If you use it right away or if you keep it for later. Just as the old "color with water books" the color will activate even months later.

When they are ready to paint it, take a wipe and tear it in three pieces.

They need to wrap their index finger with the wipe and rub the paper.

Every time they change color they should find a different spot in the wipe to avoid mixing the colors.

It looks so good, you´ll want to frame it!

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