Introduction: Faux Stained Glass Necklace

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My mom loves stained glass, she learned how to make them about 15 years ago, by now she has already made dozens of beautiful pieces for windows and several lamps.

I wanted to celebrate my mom’s talent by giving her this special gift.

But creating a faux stained glass necklace that would fool even a stained glass maker wasn’t easy. I tried different materials and methods until I found this one. The results are amazing, light shines through it, just as in a legit stained glass, and the contrast between the transparency of the “glass” and the metallic parts makes it look authentic. The best part is that the materials I ended up using are easy to get and you won’t even need special tools.

My mom loved it! It has her favourite flower, her favourite color and represents her favourite hobby. And although you are more than welcome to make the same design (because it’s just beautiful) you can easily make whatever design you like (a butterfly would look amazing).

Step 1: ​Gather Your Materials

Transparent shrinky dinks

Permanent markers





Craft knife

Metallic spray paint

Clear nail polish

Jewelry pliers

Chain and jump rings that matches the color of the spray paint

Step 2: Draw

Begin by drawing your design on paper . Make something easy and remember to make it about 3 times bigger than the final piece.

Step 3: Trace and Color.

Put the shrinkable plastic on top and trace the outline with permanent marker.

Turn it around and color inside the outlines. It doesn’t matter if the colours appear dull, they will get more intense once the plastic shrinks.

My mom’s favourite flower is lavander, but I didn´t have a marker with the perfect shade of blueish-lilac. So, in order to achieve that color, and taking advantage of the transparent media, I used two markers. First I coloured a section with a magenta marker, and while it was wet, I coloured again with a baby blue marker.

I chose the markers on pastel colours because I know they’ll get more intense later, I definitely recommend you to do the same for the best stained glass look. Because if you use intense colours, once it shrinks they’ll be darker and light wouldn’t go through as it does with real glass.

Step 4: Cut

Use the scissors to cut the outline. It is important not to cut very thin sections. Like in the stem, I made several attempts, some of them broke because it was very thin. So I realized that it has to be at least 5mm thick.

I also added a “donut” at both ends, because the jump rings will attach from it.

Step 5: Bake

Follow the instructions of the package. Usually you’ll need the oven at 325F and bake for 1-3 minutes. At first it could curl but don’t worry, once it doesn’t shrinks anymore it should be flat.

If it is still curved, fold a paper and have it near you on a flat surface. Take out the plastic and while it’s still hot, carefully put it between the paper and press.

Step 6: Mask

Wait a few minutes until it cools down. Place a bit of tape on top and trace the outlines that need to be masked.

Then transfer the tape to a surface that won’t get damage with a craft knife.

Cut each piece and, one by one, pit it on its place.

Step 7: Paint

Once everything is masked you are ready to spray paint it.

I chose this “stained steel” paint, because I like that dark metallic looks just like solder.

But make sure it matches with your jewelry findings.

It just took one coat to cover everything.

Make sure not to move the plastic while painting or drying or the back side would get painted.

Also pay special attention to paint the borders, this little detail will make it look like a legit stained glass.

Step 8: Unmask

Wait until it’s dry to unmask it.

Be careful, at this stage you can damage the paint easily with the craft knife, because we haven’t sealed it.

With the tip of the blade, peel off each piece of tape.

Step 9: Sealing

To make the colours permanent, it needs a coat of a transparent paint to seal them. You can get it as a spray paint.

I didn’t have one, so I used a clear nail polish, i have 3 or 4 different ones, but I chose one that doesn’t smudges my nail art, just to make sure it wouldn’t ruin all the hard work.

I painted carefully front, back and borders. And just one coat did the trick.

Make sure you wait until it’s fully dry to continue with the last step.

Step 10: Assemble the Necklace

Finally attach the jump rings, chain and clasp.

And you are ready to surprise you mom with the cutest handmade gift ever!

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