Introduction: DIY Pallet Wood Vertical Blinds

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Easy, stylish, budget-friendly DIY pallet wood vertical blinds! As created by!

Step 1: Install Top Plate Connector

Screw the top plate connector into your window frame. Screw in 3/8" threaded rod and 3/4" split ring hangars.

Step 2: Install Conduit Piece

Cut 1/2" diameter conduit to length and install into the split ring hangars.

Step 3: Measure

Measure from center of the conduit to the window sill to get wood piece length. Subtract out length of hanging hardware and allow for clearance for the wood pieces to hang freely and move.

Step 4: Cut the Wood, Drill Holes, Attach Hardware

Cut the wood to size. Measure 1/2" down from the top edge and center, then drill a 1/4" hole. Along the edges, drill 1/8" holes 1/4" in from the edge as connection points for the blinds in three places: center, one foot from the top, one foot from the bottom. Slide the 1" binder ring through the big hole, attach the swivel key tag.

Step 5: Hang and Connect

Hang the pieces on the conduit. Cut 20 gauge (or better, 16 gauge) copper wire into 6" pieces. Thread through 1/8" holes from behind and twist ends together. Voila, pallet wood vertical blinds!

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