Introduction: DIY Paper Airplane Launcher

Today I will show you how to make a very fun and easy DIY Paper Airplane Launcher!

This project I will be showing you uses household supplies that everyone has and flies really great

To have the most fun with this project use it outside!


A Peace of Cardboard



Rubber Band

3 Q-Tips

Hot Glue/Hot Glue Sticks

Twine/Thin Rope

Spray Paint (Optional)

Step 1: Making the Base

You will need to cut the piece of cardbord to 5" X 10.5"

Step 2: Making the Rods (Part 1)

Cut 1 Q-Tip like I did

Step 3: Making the Rods (Part 2)

Cut 2 Q-Tips like I did

Step 4: Laying It Out

Lay out the Q-Tips in a tryangle with the 2 longer ones together and the short one on the other side

Step 5: Puding in the Rods

Use a pencil to poke a hole whare the Q-Tips are, then pud the Q-Tips in them in there (It is ok if thay are not straight up)

Step 6: Hot Gluing Them Down

Now just pud the hot glue around the rods and hold them straight up for 5 min

Step 7: Adding a Rail

Get 2 wooden dowels (around 8"long 1/4" thick) and glue/tape like I did

This will help to keep it from collabsing and to make the plane go straight

Step 8: Adding a Rubber Band

For taping down the rubber band you want to tape it in the front for the rails so that the plane does not get stuck

Step 9: Trigger Mechanism

Tie the rope on to itself with the circle being about an 1" big now cut the rope with 3" left

When ever you reload it pud the rope around rubber band or else it will NOT work

Step 10: Painting (Optional)

The best Paint to use is acrylic

Step 11: All Done Now Just Have Fun!

Good job!

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