Introduction: DIY Paper Dahlia

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Finally Sun is shining bright and trees are green and blossoming.To celebrate that, I am sharing how to make double color paper dahlias. This adds as a great decor for your home this spring. You can use it as wreath or make three or more and hang it to decorate a plain wall.Lets see how to make them.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Cardboard for base or any plastic paper plate
  • Card stock paper for your color choice (Approx 15 8.5"X 11" papers)
  • Paper trimmer
  • Acrylic paint in contrasting color of card stock paper
  • Paint brush or small sponge
  • Hot glue or double sided tape
  • Newspaper or drop cloth to cover the work surface
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Pencil (optional)
  • Scissors(Optional)

Step 2:

Cut the card stock papers into 4 inches squares. you will need around 50 to 60 squares to make one dahlia.Use a paper trimmer to make this job easier . If you don't have one,no worries!! A simple ruler and scissors will do the job.

Step 3:

Pour a small amount of paint into a palette and dip your sponge in it. Dab the sponge around two corners of each squares as shown.This is done to create two color dahlia.Dabbing gives a natural look compared to just painting the corners.If you don't have a sponge , use dry brush to bring that effect. Allow them to dry.

Step 4:

Apply a line of glue to top right corner of the square as shown.Fold the left side of the square to the center and wrap the right side of the square over it to make a cone shape.Repeat the same to all the squares.Make around 50 cones to start making the dahlia, you can always make extra if you want.

Step 5:

Use the plastic plate as the base , if you don't have one you can also cut a piece of cardboard to use as a base. The plate I used measured 9" in diameter.I prefer plate instead of cardboard .The reason is while hanging the flowers on the wall, it gives a three dimensional effect as if the flower is popping out from the wall instead just pasted on the wall.But it is your choice to decide which one to chose.

Apply a line of glue on the back side of the cone and paste it on the back side of the plate leaving one inch gap between the each cone you paste.

Step 6:

Now dab the glue in V shape to back of each cone and glue it in between two cones of the first layer so that it sticks nicely.Once the second layer is formed , repeat the same process for the next layers until the flower is formed.This will happen in 5 to 6 layers depending upon the size of the plate.

Step 7:

Once you reach the point as shown in the picture above, it is time to make the center of the flower. For this take the left over pieces (3" X 8") of the cardstock paper and make fringes for the center by cutting only 3/4 of the paper(lengthwise) in 3 to 4 mm width and leaving the remaining part to fold.

Step 8:

Roll the fringe paper and dab a small amount of glue when you reach the end of the paper and attach another paper to the roll.Do this , until the center piece is formed to a desired size.

Step 9:

Apply hot glue at the base of the center piece and glue it to the flower.Voila !!! Be amazed at your beautiful creation.Your Dahlia is now ready to hang on the wall. Glue a thread on the back of the plate and hang it on the wall using a command hook or thumb tack . As my plate had holes , I just inserted a rubber band into the holes and hanged it on to a command hook.

Step 10: Alternate Way

If you don't want the fringe center piece ,use a cone as the center piece.For this what you want to do is, while pasting the second , third and fourth layer of the cones, maintain the center circle and the paste the cones in such a way the edges of the cones in the first layer should align with cones in the second layer and the next layers, so that you will end up with a hole in the center when the flower cones reaches the center in which you can insert a cone to complete the flower.Got it ??That is it !! You can now admire the beauty of dahlias you just created.

So, what do you think about this double color dahlias?? Have you made any of these?? Share with me in the comments below.If you like these Dahlias, don't forget to vote for me in "Crafting Contest".Thank you :)

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