Introduction: DIY Paper Rocket With Launcher

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This is an easy and funny toy for hours of fun. it's a rocket paper with a launcher made out of milk box. Let's make it!

Step 1: Prepare the Basic Materials for the Launcher

Get the main part for the launcher:
the milk box, and cut the tap to have a big hole on the top of it as shown in the pictures.
Get another milk box and cut out a piece for the link between the straw and the cutted tap: it will be a conic adaptor so it has a triangle shape when flat.

Step 2: Add the Three Parts to Get the Launcher

Now you create a cone with the base the tap and at the end the straw us in hot glue.
Then you can screw the tap to the milk box.
You can make the rocket with some paper but don't make it too tight or it won't fly!
Now it's time to test the rocket and launcher.

Step 3: Fixing the Launcher

If you press very hard to launch the tap holder of the milk box can get appear.
It's easy to fix with hotglue but use enough to make that part very strong.

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