Introduction: DIY Paper Snowflake

There is nothing more fun than creating homemade crafts for the holidays! Snowflakes are perfect to encourage that holly jolly spirit! Below are helpful instructions to make a simple paper snow flake.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

For this craft, you will require the following materials.
- 6 sheets of paper (any color)
- Clear tape
- Scissors
- Stapler

Step 2: Create a Square!

- With each piece of paper, fold the bottom left hand corner of the page so that the short left edge of the paper lines up with the top long edge.
- Cut off the remaining rectangular paper.

Step 3: Fold!

- Fold your triangle in half

Step 4: Cut!

- Starting from the bottom of the triangle ( with two folds) cut three or for straight lines
- Be careful not to cut off the lines!! Try to cut about 1/4 inch away from the top

Step 5: Tape!

- Unfold your snowflake to reveal a square. You will notice that there are four diamonds.
- For the first and smallest diamond tape the two ends together.
- For the second diamond, flip your paper over. Tape the two ends together.
- Repeat the steps for each diamond.

Step 6: Create Your Snowflake!

- Using the previous steps, create a total of 6 snowflakes.
- Staple the ends of each snowflake, creating a hexagonal shape.
- Enjoy your beautiful snowflake!

Check out for better instructions!!