Introduction: DIY PaperCut Pattern Mason Jar Lamp Booth

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I originally designed these to cast patterns onto my walls. Did not manage to do that, but in the process, I managed to create a lamp that not only cast light, but is also pretty and you can actually look at it without that piercing glare in your eyes. They add a soft, fun touch to your average light and you can carry it around. They make for great functional decor to any party or gathering and you can customize it with so many materials, this is just the beginning. If you have an event at night, outdoors, in a large space where your guest are free to spread out, have a DIY lamp booth/station where guests can create their own lamps, with different inserts for them to choose and for the rest of the evening enjoy carrying around their creation. If you use mug jars that already have handles, you will not need to prepare rope handles. They make for great door gifts to take home too!

I use them for my room there is no powerpoint near my bed and also because we have thick hard walls that are a nuisance and unsightly to drill into for nailing stuff.

I would personally be very excited to make my own lamp at a party.... If you are doing this and inviting me:D


Supplies for Your Own DIY Lamp Booth:

- Maison Jars, Mug Maison Jars (with handles)

- Rope Handles for Maison Jars (you can buy the pre-made one, or use the wire and rope one I have below)

- Led String Light and Battery Pack, Batteries included (Important!!!)

- Papercut Pattern Inserts (Which I will show you how to create below)

- Colored Translucent Paper: In lots of colors, you can get them at your local stationery supplies store or on Ebay

- Rope for creating handles: I'll show you a diagram of how to tie it below (optional)

- Any other materials that you want to use to customize the jars!

Have fun! Go crazy and be creative!

Step 1: Papercut Pattern Insert

Materials & Tools:

- Maison jar with lid

- Black Paper

- Pen knife

- Cutting Board

- Ruler

- Graphite Pencil

Step 2: Measuring Your Paper Size

Measure the height of your jar

Cut a long strip off the black paper in that height

Roll and insert the black paper to check the height as well as measure how much paper will circle the inside your jar

Adjust the size of your paper accordingly, add an additional 4cm to the height to cover the base of the jar

Step 3: Marking Guides

Draw the rough grid for the pattern you have in mind

I'm going for a net pattern hence the grid, I later changed it to a bigger grid

Fold up the 4cm extra height, you will not need to add any pattern to you

Step 4: Pattern

Next, with your pattern in mind, draw the rough sketch of your pattern in line using a normal led pencil, the lead will show on black paper

I did mine in a rope net

The beauty of these lamps is that you can easily switch out the paper patterns accordingly

This rope pattern will be suitable for a nautical-themed party

You can do Jack o lanterns, words, texture patterns, flowers, animals etc...

Step 5: Cutting Your Pattern

Next using a sharp pen knife (make sure it is absolutely sharp, but do be careful when using them), cut inside your sketch lines, make sure that they are holes in the spaces of your sketch pattern, and leave a gap between your holes. You are meant to leave the sketch lines so that they will create the line-drawing effect.

Be careful not to tear the thin paper lines. Also, I prefer to cut from bottom to up so as not to tear the paper. When I cut each hole, I move my knife, cutting from top to bottom (Like how we using use a pen knife). So if the paper at the top is full of holes and thin stripes of paper, it is weak and any force you use to cut your next hole below them will pull on the top of the paper causing the thin lines to tear. To prevent that, make sure that there is blank uncut paper above and before where you will pt down your pen knife next.

Step 6: Finished Piece

After you have finished your pattern, you should have something like this. When you hold it up to a blank wall, they will look beautiful. That is the beauty of papercut.

Step 7: Preparing to Insert

Remember the 4cm height we folded and reserved? Now, cut vertical strips out of it at the base of the pattern, like a thick fringe. When you roll up you pattern, they should overlap nicely and create a base. This will block the light at the bottom of your jar and also hide the things your down want to show through. inside the jar.

Step 8: Assembling Your Maison Jar Lamp

Insert your rolled up pattern gently into your jar, make sure it's nicely settled. Then take your tracing paper (I'm using drafting paper here, it serves the same purpose as tracing paper and it white in color, translucent), roll it up and insert it into your jar. it should sit nicely against your pattern piece. Finally insert your string led light and battery pack into the jar as well and replace the lid of your jar, making sure it's secure. Your are Done!!!

Step 9: Rope Handle for Your Jar

If you want to save some money on handles, get a roll or wire and a ball of rope.

First measure the amount of wire you need to go around the neck of the jar plus extra for the rope, them double this amount. You want to double back on your wire for sufficient strength to hold your jar.

After doubling up your wire, twist the ends together to for a circular wire loop.

Then cut a length of rope long and short enough for a handle and knot both ends tightly.

Hold your wire loop to fit around your neck jar and twist both sides so the wire loop is now tightly secured to the neck of the jar in a candy wrapper pattern.

Insert the knotted ends of the rope respectively into the wire loops on both side of the jar.

Now continue to continue to twist the wire loops so that the rope is firmly secured. You might be playing jump rope with the maison jar, haha!

And there you hand it, your own make shift handles!

Step 10: Enjoy!!!

When you are ready to use it, or before the start of your party or cozy gathering, open the jars, flick the switch on and close them, placing them around your party space. They cast a nice dim glow showing the beautiful patterns and not glaring anyone on the eye. They create great patterns to your decor and you need not worry about flames or unattended fire. For ease of movement, attach a rope handle to the neck of your jar, so that you can move them around easily. Your guest can also bring them outside to enjoy a little star gazing, private chat, or lounge outside on your deck. Let me see what beautiful patterns you create! Enjoy!!!

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