Introduction: Macrame Mirror Hanger Feat. IKEA Honefoss Mirror

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I have an aversion towards sticking things on the wall. It feels like sooner or later, the tape or glue will wear off and the poster etc will drop. So I will also not want to hang a mirror on my wall if I cannot be sure if it's sturdy enough. Imagine a mirror dropping, not including cleaning up the broken glass and everything, breaking a mirror is bad luck for 7 years, I'm not gonna take any chances. So I thought this method of securing the mirror and hanging it on a stainless steel hook from a place that will not easily falter is a decent idea. Plus, I can't drill or hammer nails into my walls. This macrame mirror hanger helps to ease my fear of things falling off the walls and breaking. I had also love the Honefoss hexagonal mirrors from IKEA. They are so tessellatable and really versatile and pretty.

So here is how to make it!


- 3mm to 8mm rope (I got this really pretty green satin rope in Hong Kong years ago and never used them)

- 3.5" steel ring

- IKEA Honefoss mirror

- Measuring tape

- Scissors

- backing fabric: choose something like felt that doesn't fray, I'm using a thin flat corduroy.

- Key ring hook

- Glue

- Pet comb or regular comb

Step 1: Preparing Your Rope

Cut 6 lengths of 5mm or 8mm (I'm using 8mm) rope into 2m pieces.

Step 2: Lark's Head Knot

This is used in the beginning only. Let's go through this.

Fold the rope into half.

Bend the half-ed rope over the rod, pull the end through the loop.

Pull to tighten.

Step 3: Macrame Square Knot

This is the macrame square knot. Let go through this.

Label your ropes mentally 1, 2, 3, 4.

1 across 2 and 3, under 4.

4 under 3 and 2, through 1.

1 over 3 and 2, under 4.

4 under 2 and 3, through 1.


Step 4: Securing the Ring

Using the Lark's Knot, secure the 6 pieces of rope onto the steel ring.

You now have 12 strands of rope.

Step 5: Square Knotting

Row 1: Separate the 12 strands into 3 groups of 4 strands.

Make a square knot with each group.

Row 2: Take the center 8 strands, separate them into 2 groups of 4 strands,

Make a square knot with each group.

Row 3: Take the center 4 strands, this is 1 group.

Make a square knot with this group.

You now have 3 rows of square knots forming an inverted triangle.

Step 6: 2 Columns

Next, separate your 12 strand into 2 groups of 6 strands each.

Make a double square knot with each, putting an additional strand with the strands on the outer side.

Measure down 3 inches, make another square knot on each side.

Step 7: Ending the Seat

Gather the 2 columns back to back and gather the strands.

Taking the longest remaining strand, loop it around the rest of the strands to form a coil and secure it.

The seat for the mirror is now complete. Insert 1 sheet of the Honefoss Mirror (They come in a set of 10).

Step 8: Embellishments

Now we will create leaf embellishments for this mirror. Since my rope is green and the mirror is bronze in color, I wanted a holiday Tropical resort style to it.

Cut 2 leafs, big and small out of your backing fabric.

Cut 1 x double the length of your leave plus 10cm: (length of leaf x 2) + 10cm

Cut 32 x the widest wide of the leaf.

You are ready to begin!

Step 9: Weaving the Leaf

Take your key chain hook, loop the single longest length of the rope and knot it securely.

Using the remaining 32 short lengths of the rope you cut, tie them to the long length that is on the key chain hook using the lark's head knot, alternating left and right side.

When you have finished them all, use your pet brush and brush out all the ropes, unwinding them all. If you do not own a pet, use a regular comb, it will take more time, but it will do the job.

After that, shape the strands nicely, combing it downwards.

Then, taking the fabric leaf you have cut, apply glue and stick it to the rope leaf.

Allow it to dry and cut around the shape of the fabric backing.

Your leaf is done.

I made 2 in 2 different shades of green.

Step 10: Final Product!

Clip the now leaf key chain to the bottom of the hanging mirror and you are done!

This uses 1 piece of the IKEA Honefoss Mirror.

I'm currently working on different patterns and combinations to create different styles that uses more pieces of the mirror differently.

Look forward to them!

In the mean time, enjoy your new mirror, and move it around!

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