Introduction: DIY Peas/Bean Planter (using an Old Tire!)

In this instructable, i will show you how to make this peas/beans planter. This is a super easy and resourceful project! The point of this project is that the plants can climb up the bamboo stakes, instead of just falling over.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make this project you will need:

garden soil

bamboo stakes (mine were 5 ft.)

string or twine

an old tire

Step 2: Fill Your Tire With Dirt

First, find a place to put your tire. Then fill it almost to the top with garden soil.

Step 3: Add the Sticks

I used 9 bamboo stakes and put them in a circle inside the tire. I placed them 7-8 inches apart. You may need to use fewer stakes and/or place them closer together, depending on how big your tire is (mine was from an old tractor).

Step 4: Tie the Stakes Together

Cut a piece of string 2 ft. long. With your hand, grab all the stakes and hold them together. Tie them together and cut off any extra string. Cut a piece of string 6 ft. long. Tie it around one of the stakes (8 in. below the top of the sticks), then loop it around the next one (don't tie it, just wrap it around). repeat around the stakes until you have wrapped around each stake twice, or until you get to the end of the string. Cut another piece of string 9 ft. long and do the same thing again (tie the string 1 ft. below the string you just wrapped around).

Step 5: Plant Your Seeds

Now just plant your seeds! I planted peas.

Step 6:

Remember to pull the weeds out of your garden, or it will look like this!

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