Introduction: DIY Pencil Holder (Real Easy. Really.)

Things you'll need:

* 2 duct tape rolls (that are all used)

* Some left over tape (that are still sticky and usable)

* Cardboard

* Paper (optional)

Step 1: The Base Kinda Thing

First, you need your two empty rolls of duct tape. Then you stack them. You get your strip of duct tape, then cut it the long way. Do you get what I mean? Anyways, you just kinda stick the strips on the cracks of the two rolls(?) to combine it. Kinda.

Step 2: The Bottom Part

You get cardboard, then you trace your thing, and cut it out. Then just kinda place it on the top to see if it fits.

Step 3: Tape the Bottom and Kinda Secure It

Get little strips, and tape it like the photo above. Then just kinda tape the bottom. It really doesn't matter which way, just make sure the bottom part stays on. We're gonna really secure it later.

Step 4: The Inside of the Bottom(?)

You know how cardboard has the papery part, and this zigzag part, and the papery part again? We're gonna use the papery part, and trace your base thing and cut it out. Then just kinda trim it so it goes in the thing, like the photo up there. That's basically the base.

Step 5: Final Touches

Cut out a small, thin strip of duct tape, and tape it to the bottom. Like the photo. Then, design it. I used paper and wrapped it around the thing, but you can do anything you like.

Step 6: You're Done! Yay! Yay! Yaaaaaaay!

Now your DONE! IS THAT AMAZING OR WHAT? not really, but you get my point.