Mini Notebook-ish Thing

Introduction: Mini Notebook-ish Thing

this is my first instructable, and this is a really weird and lame creation. Also, this creation took me about 1 hour to make(To make the video. I mean Instructable). You need time and patience (so if you have neither, I think you should just skip this thing). I'm not exactly a teenager, or an adult, so yeah. * means optional

You are going to need (many things. I don't live in America, so I used the things I had on my desk.):

  • Cardboard (I'm using an old Nike shoe box)
  • Paper (I would recommend using A4)
  • rubberband or a binder clip
  • Duct tape (you can have a decoration one, but you still need it. it depends. I guess)
  • Glue (I'm using a clear glue stick, but I recommend using the white school Elmer's glue. I think that's what you call it)
  • Ruler
  • Exact-o-knife or scissors
  • * Normal clear tape

Step 1: Making the Front and Back Cover, and the Spine

Measure the height (I think) and length of your book, and cut it out. The height for mine is 2 1/4 inches (5.8 cm), and the length (is it? the bottom and the top side) is 1 3/4 inch (4.2 cm). The spine height is a bit longer than then the covers, about 0.1 of an inch (I think. I don't normally use inches) longer, and the length is 1/4 of an inch. Don't forget to cut them out.

Step 2: Stick Them All Together

Don't make all the covers stick together, but make the distance about the width (i guess) of the cardboard. I used duct tape, but you can glue paper or any other tape.

Step 3: Decorate Inside (This Step Is Optional)

I don't need to write anything... Do I? Well, here. DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!!!!

Step 4: Time for the Paper

I make the pieces of paper about 1 millimeter shorter than the cover. I use my ruler to cut the A4 paper into 5 long strips. Then, I cut one small piece from the long strip to the length I want it, and I use some tape to tape it on my desk. (Here is the confusing part, so look at the pictures please.) Then, with the long strips, I put the long strip underneath the small piece of paper, then measure it, and cut it. It takes a long time, so chose to cut all the papers at once.

Step 5: I Don't Have a Title for This. Sorry...

Long explanation: You get duct tape, and make it the length so it will cover the paper both side in the hotdog way. And make sure there is no sticky side. It's okay if it's a bit short. Just make the edges covered. Mine is about 5 inches.

Short explanation: Make the duct tape strip long.

Step 6: Glue Time, and Drying Time

I'm going to use the long strip, and make it go around the pages, but make sure the papers are all aligned. Then I'm gonna secure it with the rubber band.

Glue the end of the aligned pages, and dry it (I used a fan and dried it for 5 minutes). When you touch the glue, the glue shouldn't be too sticky. Then you do that one more time.

Step 7: Stick It All Together (again)

Cut out a strip of paper that is long and wide enough for the spine. When the glue is dry, glue the spine again, and stick the strip of paper you cut out onto the spine. Then, fan it once more.

Step 8: Don't Worry! We're Almost Done!

Take the rubber band off, and take the duct tape off slowly (just in case the glue might stick to the duct tape). Stick the spine on the cover spine(that's confusing). Then, put some weight on the cover of your book until it dries!

Step 9: YOU'RE DONE!!!!!

Enjoy your new mini, lame, weird book! Thanks for reading this super lame and long and weird and crazy Instructable! I think It's fairly easy! but! you know! I never know! Thanks to whoever reads this! will anyone read this??? K bye everybody!!!!!!

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    Althea MaeH
    Althea MaeH

    7 years ago

    seems great. However, wouldn't it be easier to cut out one long(er-ish) Cardboard strip and just score it where the spine and the covers meet??? You could also then just stict the pages in with one staple though the stack of pages and then glue it in. (sorry. I think I just completely destroyed your instructable.... oops. sorry.) But the theroy is sound in your idea. (one more thought. instead of cardboard (Which seems a bit bulky) you could use a heavier paper(like a constuction paper or a card stock) and use that.


    7 years ago

    Hey write a story in it <3...and show it to me lol


    7 years ago

    What a wonderful minibook you made! Great job!