DIY Pentagon Lamp




Introduction: DIY Pentagon Lamp

I am in love with geometrical designs, shapes and figures!

Therefore, I needed to build me something myself..something I could use cheap stuff for that I already have at home.

Step 1: Cutting the Skewers

You need:
- skewers
- sketching paper or tissue paper (light is supposed to shine though it)
- hot glue+ sticks
- a lamp/light bulb/..

Step 2:

I designed my lamp with the idea of a pentagon shaped pyramid.

1. So, you need to cut 5 pieces of the skewers with same length.
2. Glue the sticks ends together to craft a pentagon.
3. Again, cut 5 pieces from the skewers to create the pyramids pointy top. This time they do not have to be the same length. It depends on where the tip should be pointing at.
4. clue the pentagon and the 5 new sticks together to get the pyramid.

5. repeat!repeat!repeat!
6. add one pyramid to another (hot glue again)

Step 3: Add Paper

Now it is time to add the sketching or tissue paper!

1. cut a piece that is big enough to cover one pentagon pyramid.
2. put some hot glue on the skewers and press the paper onto it
3. cover the pyramid with your paper of choice till it looks like in photo3


Step 4: Your DIY Pentagon Lamp

This is how far I crafted. But you can do a lot more and ore and more - adding more pentagon pyramids!

Have fun!

Please feel free to leave some comments or critics below.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    how did you get it so clean? Also how did you get the paper/tissue tight? And last question I promise. Did you only do the outside area? Or every single face?

    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Dan_,
    clean? well.. thx^^ But I don't know it it is that clean. Anyway! If you have problems using the hot glue for this project I can recommend an all-purpose glue! It's should be transparent. I like the way it is used: you add glue on both parts and wait about a minute to let it dry. After that you press the pieces together and they stick immediately.

    Using the paper tissue, you should cover one triangle after another. Start to assess if the piece of paper is big enough to cover one pyramid. Then glue one edge to the first stick of the pentagon/bottom plane. Work your way up to cover the first triangle and go on with that. A ruler so slide over and smooth it can help.
    After you covered the first pentagon pyramid use nail scissors or a sharp cutter so trim of the edges of the paper.

    I only covered the outside area, but this is a question of your design. It's up to you which way to go :)

    I hope this was helpful and thank you very much for the questions. I think it would be nice to post this short conversation in the post itself. Is this ok with you?