Introduction: DIY Pi - Lamp

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Many people see Pi day as a normal day but I see it in a different fashion. I decided, to build something special for this day. I chose to make a glorious lamp. This is a pretty cheap lamp that you can make in round about 20 minutes. So let's get started with what we need.

Step 1: Required Material:

Paper (Any size of your choice)
Paper Tape
Paper Cutter
Light (I use 12v)
Soldering station
12v Power Adapter
Metal Can

Step 2: Cutting the Metal Can

So first of all start by cutting the can this will act as a base for the lamp. Use a cutter to cut it to an appropriate size. Then cut some holes for the switches and wire outlets. Stay careful when using cutters as they may also help to drip some juice that is not required here.

Step 3: Switches and Wires

Stick in the switch where you had cut the hole for it. Then attach 220ohm 5 watt resistor to the led as I have the one that use 12v. Then we will wire the small house. Please make sure that no wires are touching each other as it might blow up your house for real. Power up the lamp to see if the circuit works or it needs some fixing.

Step 4: Making the Lamp Shade

Now take a paper and get ready to show off some artistic skills. Draw anything you like. I drew something related to pi which makes it special for the pi day. Color it to give the lamp some better look. Make sure it looks awesome otherwise there is no point of making it.

Step 5: Final Touches

Wrap the paper around the base. Power the lamp and see if it looks beautiful enough that it is presentable.Find a good place for the lamp. It can be your guest room or your very on study table. Now that you don't have to buy lamps anymore, make your own.

Step 6: