Introduction: DIY Pillow Cover

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This instructable will lead you through the steps of making a pillow cover! It's super easy, and fast. Hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Get Materials

First things first, you are going to need to get the materials to make the cover.

1. A pillow

you're obviously going to need a pillow to cover, and this will be the guide to how big you need to cut your fabric, so get this first.

2. Fabric

I got about 3/4 of a yard for my pillow, but the amount of fabric will depend on the size of your pillow. Measure the longer side, and add a couple inches for seam allowance, and that should be enough! any old fabric, no special material :)

3. Trim

you are going to need enough trim to go all the way around the perimeter, so measure the perimeter, and get a little bit more than that. There are so many options for the trim! pompoms, lace, tassels!!

4. A Zipper

the zipper will need to be LONGER than whichever side you want to put it on. I suggest putting it on the horizontal side because that is how most standard pillow covers are.

5. Scissors

6. Pins

7. A Tape Measure

8. Sewing Machine

9. Iron

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Next, cut the shape of your pillow out. Measure the sides, and add ONE INCH. That is the size that the FRONT of the pillow will be.

The back of the pillow will be bigger because you are going to have to have room for the zipper seam. I added ONE INCH to TOP of the pillow back. Don't accidentally add the extra length to the side, or your zipper will end up being vertical.

Next, cut a line where you want to zipper to be added.

Step 3: Sewing the Zipper to the Back of the Pillow Cover

Pin the zipper onto the pillow cover RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Sew along the zipper, then open the seam, and iron the zipper down so that everything lays flat.

Next, pin the zipper piece onto the other side of the back, also right sides together, and sew along the zipper. Unfold the seam, and Iron the zipper so that everything lays flat.

Step 4: Adding the Trim and Sewing the Front and Back Together

The trim I was using was kind of tricky because it was two sided, and I only wanted to use one side. Also because it was super ruffly.

What I did for the trim was this. I pinned the trim to the FRONT piece of the pillow cover, and then sewed it on. I then sewed the back of the pillow cover onto that. I pinned it first so that it wouldn't move. Make sure that you sew RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Another thing that is VERY IMPORTANT when sewing the together is to make sure that the zipper is half way unzipped because if it is zipped up, the zipper part will end up getting cut off, and you wont have a zipper.

Step 5: Finishing the Pillow Cover!

The Final step is to cut all of the extra fabric off of the inside seam.

Before you do this, flip the cover right side out, and make sure that there are no mess ups. If there aren't, then trim off the extra fabric.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Pillow!!

Now flip the pillow rover right side out, and put it on your pillow! Zip it up, and you're ready to go! You have a super cute pillow with a cover that can be taken off and thrown in the washing machine, and it was sooo easy to make!

Now go enjoy your pillow! maybe go take a nap on it :)

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