Introduction: DIY Pipe Bed With NO Tools!

This Pipe bed is easy to build and requires NO tools! Just screw all the pipes together. This uses real black steel threaded pipes and fittings. Look carefully at online pipe beds and you will see they are all cheap imitations and don't use any real pipe. This instuctable gives an overview. If you are going to build this bed, watch the video. There are a lot of subtle techniques that can't easily be explained, here.

Step 1: Parts

Get all the 3/4 pipe parts shown above and three 2ft sections of rebar.

Step 2: Headboard

Screw all pipes and connectors together as shown. The verticals are 18 inch and the horizontals and 5 inch. The legs are made of an 18, a tee, an 8, and a flange.

Step 3: Optional Tool Method

For the no-tool method, build the part on the right hand side of the picture with a 4-way corner tee and 2 street elbows.

For the Tool method, cut one side of a tee completely off and almost cut the other side off. Leave a little foot, as shown.

Step 4: Footboard

Make this just like the headboard, but use 24 inch verticals, instead of 18 inch. Also, the legs are simple 6 inch pipes and flanges.

For the Non-Tool method, replace the bottom outside tees with 4-way corner tees and 2 street elbows.

For the Tool method, slide the cut tee pieces on the pipe just above the bottom outside tees.

Step 5: Rails

Make two bed rails, each with with a 12", tee, 24", tee, 24", tee, 10"

Step 6: Assemble

Screw rails into both headboard and footboard.

Screw 24" crossbars into the 6 tees on the rails.

Mark the center of the rebars and slide them into the crossbars.

Clean the pipes with 409.

Step 7: Enjoy

Drop on your box spring and mattress and sleep in style!