Introduction: DIY Ventilator

In this project, I build a ventilator. I will give a text and picture summary here, but since all the parts are moving, the video provides a much better view of the project. Click above to watch the video version.

Step 1: Parts

You will need a 20RPM motor, a bellows air pump, a ball valve, and a respirator mask with rubber seal.

Step 2: Spring Out

Pop off a plastic hinge cap, remove metal band, pop out the bellows spring, and reassemble.

Step 3: Mount Bellows

Pin the bottom plate of bellows pump to wood board with 3 screws.

Step 4: Motorize Pump

Mount motor to board. Mount arm to motor. Mount push/pull rod to arm. Use screw to create anchor point on top plate of bellows. Mount motor board close to bellows and connect push/pull arm to top plate. Now we have a motorized pump.

Step 5: Exhale Valve

A ventilator needs to block the exhale pipe, during the pressure phase, so all the air goes into the lungs, and not out the exhale tube. This is done with a valve mounted so that it is closed during the inhale phase, and open during the exhale phase. We mount a ball valve with a push/pull rod, 90 degrees out of phase with the pump rod. As you can see in the picture, the pump rod is straight down, and the valve rod is straight sideways.

Step 6: Connect Hoses

The pump comes with a hose to connect to the bellows on the Air-Out side.

You will need to obtain another flexible hose to connect to the exhale valve. I had a dishwasher drain hose laying around, and it worked great.

Step 7: Prepare Mask

Unscrew respirator filters. Remove exhale cap, stuff with paper towel, and press back on, to block exhale hole.

Step 8: Connect Mask and Breathe!

Use pump hose size adapters to connect inhale hose to one side of mask.

Pop out mask connector and press exhale hose into rubber hole on other side of mask.

Adjust mask to fit tightly of face, and Breathe!

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