Introduction: DIY Place Kicker Practice Tee

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My son is an aspiring Place Kicker. The High yesterday was 34F outside yesterday, so I wasn't about to be his Lucy.

So, A quick trip to Lowes and I present to you A Place Kicker Practice Tee


Saw, Cutoff wheel on a 4" grinder, hack saw or some means of cutting the PVC Pipe

(1) 1/2" Schd. 40 PVC Pipe - 5'-0" long

From This Cut (3) pieces 16" long and (1) piece 5" long

(3) 1/2" PVC Caps

(2) 1/2" PVC 45's


(1) 3/4" PVC Tee

(1) 3/4" to 1/2" Reducing Bushing


(1) 3/4" x 1/2" Reducing Tee (This is a specialty part and would cost more then the sum of the previous option.

All in at Lowes I spent less than $9.00 including sales tax,

I have tagged all the parts labeled in the photo.

Step 1: Assemble a Cap to One End of Each 16" Piece of 1/2" PVC Pipe

No need for PVC Cement. It is smelly, and is just not needed. We are not holding back 60PSI in water pressure. Just use a table or bench and lean into the pipe with the fitting attached and you will have a hard time ever getting them to part ways

Step 2: Assemble a 45 Onto 2 of the 16" Pieces of Pipe

Henceforth know as legs

Step 3: Put the 5" Piece of Pipe in One 45, Slide on the Tee and Then Put on the Other Leg

Leave just snug for the moment

Step 4: Put the Bushing on the Last Piece of Pipe Cut 16" Long

Henceforth known as the arm

Step 5: Assemble the Bushing End of the Arm Into the Tee

Step 6: Now, Squish Each Leg Assembly in Towards the Tee Until There Is a Friction Fit

You want the arm to rotate with some force, but not flop freely. This can be adjusted easily - thus no cement!!

Step 7: Kick That Pig Skin!!

And Remember - LACES OUT!!!!

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