Introduction: DIY Water Bottle Planter

Here we will be teaching you how to construct a Water Bottle Planter!

CAUTION: If doing the project in an enclosed area, make sure there is proper ventilation or an open window because of the fumes from the paint.

Age Range: adults 16 and older
Time it takes to make: roughly 20-30 minutes, depending on how fast the spray paint dries
Side note: Project is extremely noisy

Materials: Clear or light blue water bottles (16 oz or larger), scotch tape, spray paint, newspapers, plastic gloves and scissors

Step 1: Take the Label Off the Outside of the Water Bottle

Step 2: Cut Off the Top of the Water Bottle (Recycle Top of Water Bottle)

Note: Cutting the off the water bottle can be completed easier if you remove the cap off the water bottle.

Step 3: Tape the Entire Outside of the Water Bottle

Step 4: Spread Out Newspaper on a Stable Surface

Step 5: Set Water Bottle on Newspaper and Put on Plastic Gloves

Step 6: Spray Outside of Water Bottle Heavily With Spray Paint Until the Spray Drips Down the Sides

Step 7: Wait for Paint to Dry to Fully Dry.

Note:If the paint has not completely dry, there is a good chance that the paint under the tape will possibly be wet and can cause paint splatter once removing the tape from the bottle. May take longer for the paint under the tape to dry.

Step 8: Remove Tape From the Outside of the Bottle

- For the removal of the tape, Once the paint has completely dried. Use the scissors to strip off the tape from the water bottle.

Step 9: After the Planter Is Made You Can Put Dirt and Seeds in the Bottle As Desired